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Filipinos are nonnative speakers of English. There are people who speak English from the time they’re able to utter a word. Others use the language only when communicating with foreigners. In our situation, whether we like to learn English or not, we are forced to do so because it is included in the school curriculum. We could not escape from using it because not all the subjects are taught in Filipino. However, there’s a need to help nonnative English speakers in order to facilitate learning and easy communication. As nonnative English speakers, we find difficulty in the first attempt of using it, beginning from the basic sight words. Sometimes it is very confusing. There are grammar rules to be followed. We need to apply certain patterns in the sentence construction. There are also intonation patterns and correct pronunciation guides. With all these, learning English language is very challenging. One may always come up to be an effective speaker. He tries to see the connections of the language, the print and his thought, the relationship with his culture, experience and education. The acquisition of the skill in learning the language is best done in school with the help of the teacher.

In the word recognition, the teacher can build upon the students’ ability to recognize words in context b integrating print into the classroom. As beginners, it takes time to carefully study what is presented. The learners can easily get the meaning when accompanied with illustrations or pictures. Visual aids are used during discussions. As a result, the students grasp immediately what is explained. The teacher may evaluate the learners by means of reading or writing activities. It may be in a form of a test, letter writing, interviews or games which further enrich the learners’ knowledge and abilities.

Constant practice makes one perfect. Students develop competence by using the language for daily communication. Focus the attention to English for faster mastery but the native language must not be forgotten. Translating the native language into English can also be done. The enthusiasm to speak the language is not lost if we keep on reading English magazines, newspapers and books. We have to be aware on how the words are used in the context. Difficult terms are encountered. However, their meaning and right pronunciation are located in the dictionary. Using those terms in our own sentences can also help us become more fluent in the use of English.

For the learners not to be bored in reading, it is helpful to guide them in establishing purpose in reading, Making them familiar with the language and telling them how to use chapter heading, charts, diagrams, is creating in them a desire to read what is inside a magazine. They are determined that they can read by themselves. There are other techniques to be used in different reading situations such as scanning, skimming, getting the main idea and rereading. These techniques are useful for the purpose of review. Once all the techniques in helping nonnative English speakers with reading are applied, the burden and the boredom in using the language is lessen.

Having acquired another language aside from the native language is a pleasure on the part of the speaker. He is free in expressing himself directly or indirectly with the people around him. This gives him a greater chance for socialization.

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