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Hera and Archilles in Iliad Essay Sample

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Hera and Archilles in Iliad Essay Sample

Hera who is Zeus’s wife and the greatest goddess in Iliad cannot overpower Zeus, but she can outwit him. In the story of Iliad, Zeus and Hera argue over to the fate of Troy. Hera hates Troy and she desires to see the city destroyed. Zeus on the other hand loves Troy because of their virtue and piety. Hera offers Zeus three cities as a compensation to Troy named Sparta, Mycenae and Argos. Zeus warns her not to try to affect his decisions and his choices. In chapter 14 of the book, Hera’s mischievousness is very evident. She devises a plan to seduce Zeus which aims to lure him back to Ida so that he can not help the Trojans. She visits Aphrodite and tricks her into giving her an enchanted breast band into which the powers of Love and Longing are woven which will be used against Zeus.

He also visited the god of Sleep and asks him to put Zeus on sleep. On Ida as soon as Hera approaches, Zeus is immediately overcome by passion. When the two deities sleep together, Poseidon under Hera’s command went to the battle field to intervene to the Achaeans and Trojan War and steer the Achaeans to victory. Hector, the Trojans great warrior, is knocked on the ground and carries back the hero to Troy. With Hector’s absence, the Trojans die in great number and they were easily defeated by Achaeans. The female cunning of Hera reflects how she wanted to outwit Zeus as revenge to his infidelities. Their communion as couple deities in Mount Olympus is just to cover embarrassment after she was being tricked by Zeus.

Archilles who seems to be the most powerful warrior in the Iliad is proud and arrogant who takes offence easily and reacts with blistering rage when he feels that his honour and name has been slightly insulted. His credibility as a warrior in the story is questionable since his actions is always motivated by rage and indignation. He can not control his pride and rage. He is driven by a thirst for glory even if it means war and death. Even from the beginning of the story the battle between Agamemnon and Archilles highlights how they give importance to personal honour. They merely prioritize their individual glories over the life and well being of their fellow troops. Archilles sacrifices many of his allies to justify his pride. Archilles is a perfect character consume by his emotions because of his desire to honour. The battle led primarily by the revenge of Archilles depicts the cruelty of men in the battle. The Greek portrayal of honour in the story of Homer as the most important achievement on earth oppose the Christianity’s concept of humility as the most important ingredient for human attachment which leads to God.

The interaction of fate and freewill is present in the book of Iliad. Archilles is aware of his personal fate that he will die very young. As long as he lives, he wanted to be remembered as a great and brave warrior. Mortals in the story are advised to live their lives as honourably as possible because their body can not save them. The concern of the Greeks and the Trojans is more than afterlife who believes that the concept of death is very dark and miserable. Their main purpose is to live for the moment and achieve immediate rewards like honour and pride such the portrayal of Archilles in the story. His choices seek immediate rewards on earth. At times, mortars seem no real freedom. In the battlefield of the warriors, there is always a divine intervention from god and goddess of Olympus. Gods can always alter the events as they pleased.

In the female cunning of Hera against Zeus, it portrays the limited power of Zeus against Hera’s plans. Gods like Zeus, as being depicted by Homer, are also helpless sometimes and who fail like humans. The interaction of gods will and human free will is a familiar pattern for divine involvement. Great and unexpected shift between the Trojan and Greek War occur because of the divine involvement. Every counter attack is sometimes manipulated by gods’ will. The misunderstanding of the deities in Mount Olympus sometimes reveals and manifests their revenge and rage through the lives of the human beings. In the story, the influence of Hera affected the ideas and decisions of other god. The Iliad is a story of how the god and goddesses influence human lives.

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Albin Lesky, A History of Greek Literature; trans. de Heer &; Willis, London: Methuen &; Co., 1966.

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