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You are entering a new part of your life which is fundamental for you to become someone of success in your future, High School. High School consists of four tough years of studying that can lead you to a great college or a not so good college, it will depend on you whether you will end up with the first option or the second option. This is the time where you will start building your character as a future man, and where you have to start developing your ideas, ideals, and principles as student, future man, and worker. It will be time to start doing things on your own more and more often. Such as big projects, solving problems, talking to teachers, etc. In my opinion, High School teaches you life values, in minor ways that will lead you to become successful in College or Universities. I did not feel the subjects only get tougher and tougher, that at one point you will feel that you are in College already. So do not expect anything extremely tough over the years, but do not relax and think it will be easy.

On this aspect Schools do it very well, and they raise the level gradually so you have to create habits that will help you for your studies and life, in High School and College. Since I am graduating in a semester from High School, and I might not be seeing anything new, I would like to share some things with you that I think I did well and other things that I do not think I did well, or at least could have done it better. And also lessons that I learned along my time in High School. I would also like to tell you to enjoy these four years the most, because High School is awesome, and is where you will meet some very nice people and will have an amazing time, you might think I am crazy, but you will eventually see. First of all, rather than telling you to study like crazy, I will tell you to learn how to manage your time, get used since your Freshman year to manage your time well, and you will see that it will not feel that you studied that much, although you did it.

That is something I did not do so well, and now I try warning people how much that is important. Another thing, do not procrastinate. Get home, do your work first and then go have fun! IF you get the habit of a procrastinator you will eventually become one, and will not have time for much stuff. You will feel stressed, tired, because you had to do a big amount of work in a few hours, constantly in a bad mood, etc. You do not want that. That is something I did a couple times and I regret it, no benefits what so ever. Pay attention in class. Avoid sitting where your attention will fly away from what really matters at that moment, and focus on what you have to do.

By paying attention in class, you will not have to study as long for a test or quiz, because you will already know a good part of what is going to be on the evaluation. I did that very well, and it helped me a lot since I did not have much time to study because I am a tennis player. And last but not least, surround yourself with good people who will only bring you positive things for your life, you do not want people who will make you lose focus from your biggest goals and objectives in High School and life. My parents taught me that since I was little, and I want you to know as well.

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