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A resilient and charismatic leader is always something I have admired and respected. Rather than feeling sorry for her mishaps and unfortunate events and even giving up, Hillary Clinton has bounced back and used these events to make her even a stronger leader. Hillary cares about being an effective leader by inspiring followers to commit themselves to goals by communicating a vision and setting a influential personal example.

Hillary made her first foot print in the Law field attending Yale Law School. After graduating school she sat on many well-known boards, both cooperate and non-profit. Hillary soon become publicly known in the mid 80’s when she began working for the one of the most powerful law firms in the nation, The Rose Law Firm. Soon after, Hillary became First Lady to Present Clinton. Bill Clinton made the comment that our nation was getting two for the price of one. Hillary was just a strong willed, independent, and intelligent. Hillary was one of the first women to actually play a strong First Lady role.

Even during the time that her husband was being looked at for his improper relationship while married, Hillary Clinton did not let this known her down as most would. She continued with her race in senate and won. Hillary Clinton quickly became one of the most well known senators in the country.

Hillary did not let her will for leadership simply stop there, in 2007, Hillary became the first woman to ever run for presidency. Even while establishing herself in this historic event as a leader, something even more profane was thrown into this mix, a black candidate running for presidency. Even though with Obama’s outranking numbers, Hillary kept her word as a leader and ran until the end.  Obama admired Hillary Clinton’s dedication and leadership qualities, she was soon to be nominated to be Secretary of State. Her nomination was approved by a Senate vote of 94-2, and she was sworn in 2009.

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