History Essays


Writing a Historical Book Review

Writing a book review as an assignment in a history course is designed to promote at least four important objectives: (1) effective writing, (2)) substantive knowledge about a particular historical topic, (3) the development of a historical perspective and an

The D-Day Assault

On the side of D-Day being significant, my own knowledge comes into play. I know full well that a lot of planning and preparation went into the D-Day assault. To begin with: The deceptions at Dover, where the allies put

Charles I's Personal Rule 1639-1640

The end of the Personal Rule in 1640 saw the ending of ‘Charles’ Golden Years’ or the ’11 Years of Tyranny’ depending on your viewpoint during that time. But was the ending of the Personal sudden or was it the

A Brief History About Football

Football began in England in 1863, when football and ruby were the same, until football branched off away from ruby, this was when the first football association was founded. Back then numbers of players was unlimited and there weren’t any

The Role of Competition in Industrial History of Japan

Japan has the most outstanding industrial development among Asian countries. It can be compared to the development in many big countries such as Germany, Britain, France and United States. However, the development of industry in Japan has its own uniqueness.

Sport, History and Society

Explain briefly the nature of sociology and history as disciplines. Choose one theoretical perspective and suggest how it might further our understanding of sport as a social phenomenon. – Essay plan. Introduction In this essay I shall define and explain

The History of the Atom

Over the span of hundreds of years science has advanced tremendously improving our understanding of what makes up the world we live in. The atom is one of sciences important findings and has had a changing history of new discoveries,

History Of Computing

Way back in early history, when people relied mainly on their brains to perform calculations, people used their fingers, pebbles, and tally sticks for computing purposes. Various attempts were made to build general-purpose programmable computers from the same mechanical devices

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