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Holocaust: Nazi Germany and Jewish Family Member Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It all started because of Germany’s defeat in World War I. The allies forced the Germans to pay unfair war damages. Inflation made money almost worthless. People became desperate. Adolf Hitler gained favor with the German people by telling them of a glorified image of Germany and he gave them an excuse for loosing the war. He told them that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back. He said that it was all the Jews fault for World War I. The Holocaust took place in World War II. Its killed millions jews, gypsy, disable, polish, the ill, and ect. It was an effort by Adolph Hitler to utterly destroy the Jewish people. Six million Jews were killed in World War II, half of that six million were children and teenagers. If you had a related Jewish family member, you were considered a Jew, and therefore you must be killed. Few people made it ou

t alive but it is about resistance in the Holocaust. It’s about who resisted, and how some made it

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out alive.

The Holocaust was one of the most fearful event in man kind history. Its happen 1939-1944. The Nazis put the Jews in concentration camps and ghettos, and killed them in cruel ways. They led them to believe that they were in a safe place. The Nazi gave false hope to them right up to their deaths, which was either in the gas chamber or by the firing squad. The gas chambers were disguised as shower rooms, so that people would think all they were getting a shower. Even though the Nazis and their calibrators killed millions, nonetheless, some people did resist. They resisted in three different ways, armed, unarmed, and spiritual. Armed resistance was fighting the Nazis with weapons. Spiritual resistance was not letting the Nazis break you and your religious beliefs.

Most of the refuges in the Holocaust wanted to escape but that was a big risk. Some refuges made it out and ran away to either France, Denmark,and Switzerland. If people were caught helping the refugees or the refugees were caught escaping the would have been killed or been sent back to the concentration camps. This event shocked everybody world wide and most did not want to believe what happened. The Holocaust killed over 11 million innocent people. The Holocaust showed people how many shouldn’t be treated or should go through. Many try to resistance back but most didn’t achieved their goals. However everyone should be equal and not to be discriminated. To stop what is still going on today, discrimination and judgement.

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