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Assignment Communicating at Home Depot The company has a plan to install hire new staff to install curtain rods. This requires expert guidance on kitchen modeling; hence the company to hire a new staff in order to provide a helping hand. In addition, the co-founders, Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus have to design a retail culture to tackle the Home Depot improvement and repair projects by hiring contractors. In addition, the company has realized the need to serve the needs of professional contractors. In addition, the company has over 1,500 stores across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The future success of the company in centered on its ability to communicate effectively with employees, customers, as well as, suppliers. Therefore, to keep the operations running smoothly, the company’s managers need to establish good relationships with three audiences. First the company must find out what each audience needs in order to establish a good working relationship with all the three audiences.

In addition, they must find out what each audience needs to know and to determine the right way to communicate the information. For instance, before home Depot stores can stoke a new product, the company must analyze the needs of its audiences and plan appropriate messages for each one of them. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the management to assess the demands of the clients, educate the employees concerning product use and to serve the vendors who will have to deliver the right amount of products in a timely manner. Planning effective messages may not be as difficult when the managers opened their first four stores. Hence working in the stores each day, the managers personally trained the employees and assisted the customers in finding the right tools and supplies for their projects and deal directly with every suppliers. The company uses a variety of media to educate the clients concerning various repair techniques.

In addition, the management also invites the customers to attend small groups, as well as, in store meetings, which are known as how to clinics, where there are live presenters who demonstrate how to manage the repairs and do the installations. On the other hand, the company also produces free product literature, installation instructions, as well as, information brochures throughout its stores, in addition to offering a toll free customer service number staffed by the home improvement experts and company managers who are available to provide answers to the questions and also handle customer complaints immediately. On the other hand, customers can also review the how-to articles through the use of the Home Depot’s Magazines, Weekend or through the utilization of a home depot CD-ROM.

In addition, the company has a television program, which is known as Home Smart that is a regular feature on the Discovery Channel that shows the audience as well as viewers the way on how to handle home improvement projects and problems. The company is utilizing different communication approach. Twice each year, the company sponsors weeklong vendor conferences and also holds events in very larger arenas throughout the country. In addition, during these conferences, there is an interaction in small groups to become well conversant with new supplies and to learn about the new products offerings from the current suppliers.

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