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Homework Analysis Essay Sample

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Homework Analysis Essay Sample

I believe, as a student, that homework is just a tool that teachers use to keep us busy. It doesn’t really have a good purpose and there is more of a negative side to it than a positive side. Homework causes kids to get very stressed out, it causes stress in their families, and studies show that it doesn’t improve test scores. It actually shows the opposite: Duke University’s Harris Cooper found out that, “doing more than 60 to 90 min. a night in middle school and more than 2hr. in high school is associated with, gulp, lower scores.” This just shows that homework is a useless item that students are forced to do.

I’m speaking from experience: From first to fourth grade, I went to a small private school in Dallas, Texas. Even though the school was very small, the homework load was the opposite. I remember crying almost every night because I would get so stressed out, and I didn’t get it at all. I had tutors, and I got help from my teachers but I still had hours and hours of homework each night in fourth grade. And not only was there a lot of homework, but it was very advanced too! In first grade I learned multiplication; in second grade I learned long division, etc. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be challenged at school; I’m just saying that the work shouldn’t be so long and hard that we start to hate school. Isn’t learning supposed to be fun?

Homework has an effect on family life as well. Studies show that most kids spend more time doing homework than spending time with family and friends. Instead of being at family dinners, a child could be stuck up in his or her room doing homework. Teachers don’t give us a lot of options either: we either do the homework or take away from family time or we can choose to not do the homework and fail the class. Which would you choose? Homework can also tear the family apart.

It’s usually not extreme like divorce but it defiantly causes tension between the parents and their child and between the parents. I remember hearing my mom and dad argue about switching schools, tutoring, and things like that all the time all because I had too much homework. Stress is never a good thing to have in a family. I think this problem is an easy fix and we need to do something about it. I know for a fact that less homework would’ve been better for me and my family so we should try and make it better for all American families.

Most people think that homework leads to better grades and test scores. This isn’t exactly true. In fact, in most cases more homework can lead to lower scores and a hatred of school. The reason this is, is because a person can only take so much homework before the completely stop trying. If they stop trying, they will stop caring and I think we all know that this leads to low scores. Now don’t think that if you have one sheet of homework, you’re going to fail your next test. All this means is that homework in bulk will make your test scores drop significantly.

Again, homework can cause stress in the child’s life. According to a national survey, the amount of time spent in homework is up to 51% since 1980. Kids shouldn’t be spending more than half of their time sitting down doing worksheets, projects, drill, etc. they should be playing outside with their friends or doing sports and extracurricular activities. While sitting down and working has its place, too much of it can lead to a very unhealthy life style. It can also be the cause of bad attitudes and other bad behavior. Children should not have to be this stressed out when they are this young!

These are just four, out of many, examples of why homework is awful. It causes stress in young kids lives, stress in their families, and it doesn’t help us improve at all. In fact, most homework is made up of drills and memorization. The kids probably don’t even remember it by next year. So is this helping our kids? No. Another interesting statistic is that the nations that do better than the United States, like Japan and Denmark, actually assign less homework. These are some reasons why I believe homework should either be completely abolished or cut down to a more manageable amount.

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