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Introduction of TOPIC

It is evident from the global continued trend that homosexual men attempts to commit suicide on higher rates than those of heterosexual and US population at large.  This was suggestively due to higher rates of depression and substance abuse among gay men.  However, it is noticeable from new works indicating that a disproportional number of homosexual men report suicidal behavior regardless of whether they suffer from depression and substance abuse as it is revealed by… (Russell1).  Main reason for this trend tendency remain unclear because individuals vary though they include major influence of family rejection, social class and peer influence and other clashes as it is revealed from epidemiologist team led by Richard Herell of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

 In unclear circumstances most homosexual suicide attempters suffer from mental disorders.  Homosexual orientation is associated with suicidality especially among young men however, scientists have known little about suicide among homosexuals since they have not revealed data reports to address the frequency of attempts and occurrences peaks during adolescence or stays constant throughout adult hood and also how the attempts often results to death …(Bower 1).  Anti-homosexuality is not treated or classified as a mental-disorder, individuals of such orientation have continuously received or subjected to a variety of stresses from the society.  Stigmatization is among the experience and stress received from the society, I would say this contributes to suicide, including rejection verbal abuse violence and isolation from common experiences especially among the youth due to their sexual orientation and who are exposed to greater social stress than heterosexual youth.  This eventually leads to psychological problems and suicide.

            Samples in cross referenced studies reveal that the general population of different  countries show that there is substantial support for the existence of varied differences in mental health status or disorders between heterosexual and homosexual orientation who are exposed to increased risk for a range of mental disorders.  Mental disorders are associated with suicidal symptoms with regard to homosexual suicide rates, making the question of homosexual suicide to be studied with a reference to the overall population within a country because experts have no sufficient agreements about the way to measure reports of adolescent suicide attempts subjecting the data provided to question.  There are several arguments about the homosexual suicide reports …(Bower 1).  From various studies it is claimed that a head of the reported cases of suicide attempts have turned out to be thinking or contemplating about doing it.  In addition to this for those who have not attended support group between 7% and 13% of teens have tried to kick themselves with more students having attempted suicide.  There are other reports that the homosexual suicide is the lead cause of death among teenage and college students and children between ages of 5 to 14 years.

It is proven from research that most people who commit homosexual suicide provide clues and warns which I alternatively interpret that this ca

n be avoided …(Remafedi 2).  As a fact since the suicidal behavior is not transmitted genetically

it can be avoided by providing help and counseling through support groups.  Homosexual suicide does result from confusion of self identity and one can be considered suicidal because of the prevailing circumstances.  With studies ether with convenience samples most without controls, or population-based samples in which confounding facts as depression and substance abuse are not measured.  It has been proven that homosexual suicide sexual orientation is significantly associated with each suicidality measures.

With test and other measures substance abuse and depressive symptoms are associated with homosexuality.  I would confidently from this conclude that increased lifetime risk of suicidal behaviors in homosexual men is not only due to substance abuse but includes other psychiatric comorbidity though it has always remained unclear.  In order to get approximate answers in measuring suicidality several factors should be considered …(Remafedi 2).  These are demosyphic factors, military service factors, zygosity, abuse, and depression.  Homosexual people are at much higher risk for some forms of emotional problems including suicidality depression and anxiety disorder.  It is also revealed that psychiatric disorders are more prevalent amount homosexually active people compared to heterosexually active people.

            The inherence about the lack of relationship between depression and suicidality should be taken with caution since there are no clear or particular relationships between the two variables.  In other studies it is claimed that adolescents with personal disorders are more twice likely than those without PDS to have anxiety disruptive, mood and substance use orders during their early adult hood …(Russell 2).  They are at an elevated risk for major mental disorders and suicidal ideation or behavior during the early adulthood.

            Homosexual suicide is contributed by several factors that are independent and cannot be associated though they occur one by one depending on the individual self identification and the social class.  However, it is an act that youths are more exposed to this high risk and increases significantly due to their confusion in the homosexual orientation with the ideation among homosexual people being associated with depression which might lead to suicidal behavior independent sexual orientation especially the now presence of role models of suicidal behavior and unsatisfying friendship. In addition there are also greater mental risks of having disorders.  In the study survey done by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Inc reveals a higher prevalence of depression, panic attacks and psychological distress is more in homosexuals.  The population studied was not originally designed to study mental health in relation to sexual disorientation though they provide evidence about the causes of the observed differences.

The results are consequences in the increased rates of mental health problems have been understood as a consequence of the stigma attached to homosexuality.  The stigma can result in a range of stressful experiences which is most cases are labeled as minority stress.  It has been conceptualized as involving a dismal-proximal dimension with stress resulting from objective, external events and conditions the expectations of such events and the vigilance.  It is proven that homosexuals encounters varying levels of stigma, prejudice and discrimination with the levels being related to their mental health.  However so far from various different studies it has been noted that gender nonconformity in homosexual men is related to mental distress.  The stigma that surrounds gender norms is resent in early stages of ones development increasing the likelihood of development problems in psychosocial well-being in adult which eventually lead to suicide since there is no self acceptance.  Childhood gender non-conformity also plays a role in a number of gay or homosexual resulting to long term mental incapacity which though it has not been proven depending on comparable circumstances and data reports, it has been associated with homosexual suicides.

            In conclusion homosexual suicide can be avoided.  It is evident that this activity starts during the early childhood development when one is raised in a conducive environment can reform.


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