Honest: Lie and Best Policy Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

For me that honesty is the best policy. As time change especially people’s minds. Nowadays, many people argue are whether honesty is the best policy or not, however, if I had to choose one, I would say that honesty is always the best policy. Honesty can solve many problems so we don’t need to tell a lie again and again. Increase our trustworthiness, and helping make good relationships. I do believe that it is better to tell the truth. Lies are eventually uncovered. Today, if you falsify, you must tell more lies to hide the truth. For instance, one of my best friends cheated on an exam and the teacher gave her a failing grade on the exam. When her mom got the school report, my friend deceived her mom that the school had made a mistake. After that, her mom went to the school in person, checked the report and realized her daughter was dishonest. She was disappointed and told her that whatever she did, honesty was always the best way. Till now my friend had never deceived anym

ore. She said that if you tell a lie, you have to tell more lies

to mask it. Nowadays, trustworthiness is the most important thing that we must have it. Integrity is principal not only between members of a peer group but in the family. If you work for a company, whatever you did the owners always want to know the truth. In my case, I am a cashier; I have to count the money every night. Once I counted the money incorrectly and I told my boss as soon as I could. The next day, she thanked me telling her the truth because she was confused about the amount of money I had counted. As in this kind of experience, I do everything carefully, always telling the truth and never lying to people. Many people might say that sometimes a white lie could preserve a good relationship; this point has some merit on the surface.

However, we shouldn’t lie to even though the truth might hurt people. For example, most of my friends told me that I’m chubbier than before, and asked me to diet and workout. In the beginning, I was upset, but after I thought about it for a while I noticed that I was not as slim as before. And I appreciated my friends because they were right. Now I work out every day to become thin. Despite the fact that truth hurt me, at least my friends were honest to me. For me, honesty is always the best policy. In conclusion, as you can see, being honest has many advantages; we don’t need to mask more lies, and we can increase our reliably and build good relationships even though sometimes the truth would hurt people. In my opinion, honesty is always the correct. Telling the truth and facing problems enables us to build trust.

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