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Life is all about choices.
To be happy or sad,
To be lazy or active,
To be kind or mean,
To be Honest or to be dishonest
My speech today is all about honesty, and how difficult it sometimes is to be honest. I think we can all agree that doing the wrong thing always feels so right, which is one of the reasons why being honest is sometimes so difficult. Some of the other things that stand in the way of honesty are: fear, judgement, criticism,and consequences.

Take a moment and consider the reasons why you choose to tell lies…

Is it because you are afraid of what would happen if you got caught? Are you afraid of being judged by friends, family, teachers, etc…? Are you afraid of being criticized by people you care about? Or are you simply afraid of the consequences you will receive?

Recognizing the challenges surrounding honesty, in my speech today I will share with you the benefits of being honest. I will also acknowledge the times and the temptations when being dishonest might seem like the best solution, and I will convince you that the benefits of honesty far overrule the perceived advantages of being dishonest.

Let’s face it, being honest is hard. It may not feel like it in the heat of the moment but honesty is the best choice you could ever make.It gains you more respect from everyone if they know you are honest.

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