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Hong Kong and Singapore economies went through rapid growth during the latter half of the 20th century, expressly in the industrial sector. Hong Kong has very little if any mineral resources and cannot be competitive and this area. Timber for commercial production is not probable and hydroelectric potential is practically nil. Water is in short supply; however Hong Kong has become a giant in the world of trade and tourism. Their leading export items are textiles and clothing. Manufacturing items such as electrical machinery, appliances, photographic apparatus, and office machinery are a huge part of Hong Kong’s re export items. (Hong Kong 2015). Tourism is also a large part of Hong Kong’s economy. In 2005 on Lantau Island, Hong Kong the amusement park Disneyland was constructed and based on the original California Disneyland has become a major amusement park attraction. The government highly promotes the tourist trade in Hong Kong.

A major number of tourist arrivals come from the mainland and are catered to by the service sector which constitutes a significant part of the economy. Singapore also has experienced vast economic growth since 1960. Singapore developed its financial and industrial sectors becoming the most advanced economy and South East Asia. Its economy has differed from the other South East Asian countries because it has never been primarily dependent on production and export of commodities. Economic development is closely supervised by Singaporean government and highly dependent on Investment Capital from foreign and multinational corporations. (Singapore 2015). Singapore exports raw materials of rubber, spices and timber in exchange for finished goods from within and outside the region. Imports are mainly crude petroleum, machinery and transport equipment. Major exports are refined Petroleum Products and machinery. The U.S., Japan and Malaysia are principal trading partners with Singapore.

Oxfam Hong Kong Resource Partner
Oxfam is an international confederation of 14 organizations working together in 98 countries and with partners and Allies around the world to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Oxfam works directly with communities and seeks to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them. (The World Bank 2012).

Hong Kong and Singapore seem to have joined the world of business in a positive way, in that to be competitive with the rest of the industrial world. However like in most situations the wealth of a country is built on the backs of the poor whom are soon forgotten for their work contributions. In the case of the poor in Hong Kong and Singapore more attention must be placed on the living conditions of the poor. The US has had such a situation in the latter part of the 20th century within the States of Alabama and Mississippi. In the poorer neighborhoods, African Americans were living in substandard one room shanty type structures. When these areas were addressed with the proper solutions, the areas were demolished and brought into the proper standards of living for those that lived in the areas. This brought a sense of pride to the communities and therefore gave the people the definitive right to farther their education and raise their standards of living. A great percentage of people that live in Hong Kong and Singapore are in such a situation.

Where the wealthy are living in a positive standard of living conditions, while being surrounded by poor in substandard living conditions. This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Funds can be allocated to start the transformation that can be accomplished within 5 years with a comprehensive plan. The governments and private sectors must come together to start this positive transformation that will only stand to improve the countries has a whole. Healthcare is not the only way to help the poor. Healthcare alone without preventative measures will continue the vicious cycle of sickness and disease. Improving the standard of living includes clean water and safe housing. This will improve the total health of the countries involved. This will also give these people the definitive right to go forward in making better lives for themselves. An outreach into the poor areas of the city is necessary to get in touch with community leaders and meet at scheduled times. These meetings will also invite people of the target areas to include them in planning and the reconstruction of their neighborhoods.

The plans should include up to date housing perhaps in the styles of duplexes from 1 to 3 bedroom homes with toilet facilities and cook-in kitchens for families with 1 to 3 children and seniors that can function on their own. X amount stories high apartment buildings can be constructed for seniors with disabilities. These areas can include a recreation center with a gym, inside activity rooms, auditorium, swimming pool and schools are most necessary. A well cultivated garden with walkways, trees and tables with benches. A well thought out plan to demolish the lean-to poorly constructed structures can be demolished after the first phase of building the new modernize structures that have been completed for moving in. This may be a slow but steady process and finalization can be targeted within five years. Funding for the project should come from government allocations and private sector contributions and donations. Hong Kong and Singapore governments and private sector surely can implement and complete this project without severe monetary problems.

This will not only improve said city area but will be a positive impact on the area has a hold. I see the project moving Hong Kong and Singapore into a stronger world light reflecting more citizens that are educated and productive. This project can employ some of the citizens in the target area with jobs and they will have pride in that they are helping to improve their own situations. Their input into the planning of the project will produce the assurance that their needs as a community are being met. This proposal should be brought before the government committee and private sectors that will participate in this project within 30 days so that all the legalities can be documented and funds provided within six months.


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