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Honus & Me is set in Louisville,Kentucky and then takes place back in time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1972.I know this takes place in 1972 because it shows a picture of an old baseball ticket that said Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1972.

Joe Stoshack: Joe is a kid that is bullied because of his body type and also how he plays baseball. He is a lean and stubby person with brown hair and blue eyes.Jonas is a dynamic character because he is not confident in himself before he meets Honus but after he meets Honus he is confident in himself.Jonas is also a round character

Honus Wagner: Honus is a famous baseball player that played in 1909. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and is a tall and muscular person who has brown hair and brown eyes. Honus is a static character because he keeps a positive attitude all threw the book. Honus is also a flat character.


My critique of this book is that it was a great book. The parts that I liked about this book was how unlike most books it didn’t tell you the conflict until the ending of the book. At the end, I also liked how it told you what the next book was going to be about. The only thing I did not like about the book was that you could predict what was going to happen in the story.

Conflicts and resolution
One conflict in the story is when Joe travels back in time but can’t get back. This conflict is solved by Joe remembering that he had a new baseball card in his shoe.So he grabs it and wishes that he was back home this is an external conflict and it is also man vs supernatural. Another conflict is when Joe gets home and sees a man sitting there waiting for him. The man wants the valuable baseball card, so he starts a fight with Joe. This conflict is resolved by Joe’s neighbor coming over with a gun and yelling at the man to put Joe down.This is and internal conflict and it is also a man vs man conflict. Plot

The exposition of the book is when the first baseball game of the season takes place.

The rising action is when jonas is cleaning out his neighbors attic and stumbles across the most varible card in the world aka the Honus Wagner card.

The Climax of the book is when joe is replacing Honus Wagner in the 1972 world series game and gets an home run.

The resolution is when Joe decides to give the card back to its rifle owner (his neighbor) and continues to live a poor life with his mom.

My favorite seen
My favorite seen is when Honus is allowing Joe to take his spot in the 1972 world series against the Detroit Tigers and ends up hitting a home run and scoring the final run to win the 1972 world series for the Pittsburgh Pirates

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