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Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were both very different, but they had a common goal. Both presidents wanted to help end the Great Depression. Roosevelt, commonly referred to as F. D. R., was the only one that truly succeeded.

Herbert Hoover was president during the 1930’s. During the time of the Great Depression, Hoover was very cautious. He decided that giving people money directly would hurt their morale. He also wanted to maintain the government’s balanced budget. He believed that Americans should help themselves.

President Roosevelt, however, thought differently. His idea was to give aid to people directly. He gave aid through jobs, housing, and food. He also created many agencies to provide more jobs and support. He was a little more active and did much work with Congress.

Hoover and F. D. R. thought differently, but they did have some similar qualities. They each worked with Congress to help the economy while they were in office. Although both men were active, Roosevelt was more so. The two of them were very hopeful and on the optimistic side. Also, the decisions they made were based on what they believed was best. If we’d kept Hoover long enough, he might have succeeded as F. D. R. did. But it would have taken too long, and America would have been in very bad shape.

All in all, everything turned out right. It just needed some time, and Roosevelt had plenty of it while in office. Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt both tried to lead us out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt gave more support and a larger push than Hoover did. Hoover still tried to help, but he just didn’t get involved enough. America needed a lot of help to recover from the Great Depression and Roosevelt could do it.

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