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Regarding the matter above, I, Muhammad syafik B Badrul Hisham, a pre-medical student from Kolej Mara Banting would like to request for a hospital attachment at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 2. As I am going to pursuit my study in medicine in one year time, by doing this Hospital Attachment, I hope that I would be able to achieve the following objective: * It will give me the exposure about the medical field and also being a doctor * To inspire and motivate me in becoming a successful doctor in the future * It will also give me the greatest doctor’s point of view of the daily life of a doctor * This Hospital Attachment could be as bonus for me to write my personal statement for our university entrance in UK or Ireland

3. I would like to work in different departments. I would spend one day to visit two departments, in order to observe and interact with the patient and also the specialist doctors involved in the department. These are the details:

Suggested department:
1. Department of Cardiology
2. Department of Neurology
3. Department of Pathology
4. Emergency room(on-call)
5. General surgery(if you give me the permission to be in the operation theatre) 4. These are only my suggested departments. The selection of departments will be according to your convenience. 5. Due to time constraint and various college programs that I have to attend, I really need to complete the attachment during December holiday, on: Suggested dates: 28th till 30th January 2013 (or any other dates that you prefer) Suggested time: 8am-5pm

6. Below are my IC number, and contact number.

7. I hope that your party will be able to approve my Hospital Attachment request at your hospital. 8. Last but not least, I would like to end with the greatest pleasure and hope you would reply as soon as possible.

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