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Hospital Billing System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


This project work is to design and implement hospital billing system that will reduce cost, complaints, time and increase efficiency of billing within the hospital. We investigate the St. Joseph’s General Hospital near at cathedral specific in Ozamiz City. Reveals that the manual system of keeping records and billing patients in the hospital has some problems such as using paper and pen to calculate patient’s bills thus increasing cost in the establishment.

During our observation method, interview method, examination of document and record are used together information. This help us in the identifications of the scope and requirement of the new system. In the new system design flowchart are used to depict the program logic and the new system is transformed into a computer understandable language using Visual Basic programming or anything that can be needed. Finally the system is tested and integrated in order to achieve the design objective.


The hospital billing system includes the basic information about the patient and billing records and to provide an overview of the hospital billing process. The system described here is proposed to serve clinic or hospital systems as an adequate fixed asset system and to pr

ovide Computerized Patient and Billing model that offers support for costs of future medical program

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designs. Many patient records are now computerized. This means quick and easy access to the patient information. Medical practices access a wide variety of information on patients.


We chose this study because our purpose is to reduce stress, time consumption and cost of operation involved or fund in various aspects of record control and to raise the standard of computer to a greater height in the organization and also in the society with the development of the internet if
has made it possible to pay for medical alternation.


The main problem of the study is the manual system of record keeping and billing records in the hospital. The person tasked usually stores their records through index cards in a filing cabinet which happen to consume time and effort in organizing. Medical billing has been plague by several factors based on the current manual process:

-File and record are not properly kept.
-Error are easily made and hardly detected.
-Information is not well maintained.
The sole aim of this project is to reduce un its entirely all these irregularities by the use of computer.


This project aim primary at developing a computer-based hospital billing system that will prepare bills for patients in an area. There may be some delay between the occurrence original event and the eventual processing of the transactions. Interactive systems are those which allow the user to input data in response to the information displayed on the screen.

The project however aims at the following:
-A faster means of billing a patient
-Reducing redundancies of files
-Generation of monthly billing transaction information


The scope of this study, which is equally the domain or the problem area, is particularly the case study of this research and it is to provide a program that will effectively handle the operations of a hospital billing system.

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