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Hospital is a place where we find only the sick and the disabled. The smells of medicines, the sight of the doctors and nurses running here and there, and wheelchairs rolling from one end of the hospital to another is all that we see in a hospital.

The aura is ever so depressing and disheartening. Some people even get nausea or faint with the effect of the pungent smells hanging in the very air of the hospital premises.

Once when my grandfather was very seriously ill, and was hospitalised I had the opportunity of visiting a hospital for the first time. Oh! It was such a pathetic sight that I was almost in tears within a few minutes of being there. I saw patients groaning and moaning with acute pain, as they sat on benches in front of the doctor’s rooms, waiting to be attended to.

The first area I crossed by was the OPD area, i.e. the, Out Patent Department. Here the people are checked for their ailments, prescribed medicines and sent home.

They are the sick who need treatment but do not need to be kept in the hospital and that is why they are referred to as, out door patients. Here the scene was of agony, as, there was groaning with pain, there were patients vomiting, there were patients complaining of complete mismanagement and their long wait outside the doctor’s room. All this gave me a feeling of shame and disgust, and I, at that point wished that I could do something for the poor patients.

After crossing the long queue of the outdoor patients who were waiting for their turns, we entered the general ward, where my father, also a doctor had to see some patients.

The general ward has a number of beds on which lie patients with different ailments, and here, the doctors and nurses keep visiting by turns. The scene here was still worse as, here I saw for the first time, a few patients with their legs as if tied with strings and tied to a sloping sort of a platform, on which their feet rested. I asked my father what had happened to these men.

I was told that, they had broken their leg or hip bones, and the bones being set were kept in this pose for recovery, so that there would be no displacement of the bone once again. Some other patients had all sorts of thin plastic pipes sticking out from their noses or throats, Oh! What a fearful sight it all was.

Still some others had bottles of blood hanging near them and blood was being transfused in them. What a plight they were all in and what pain they must all be undergoing lying so helplessly in the hospital.

I just thought of their seemingly unending pain and ran out of the ward came out and squatted in front of the ward and broke out crying and wailing. Seeing me run out so, my father also came out to see what had happened to me. Nothing at all had happened but, I was shocked beyond repair to see so many men in pain and agony.

Now we went to another area where my grandfather had been housed. This was an area of special wards in which single patients were kept. There was a long row of rooms and my grandfather’s was the last of the row, ward number 101.

Now we had reached our destination and we entered my grandfather’s ward, and lo! And behold! Here the picture was as dismal as elsewhere in the hospital. I was shocked to see how my sweet and cute grandpa was, as if tied up with bottles of saline water and blood tied on both his sides.

He also had thin plastic tubes sticking to his nose, and this sight of my near and dear could not be borne. That was the last straw on the camel’s back, and I gave a loud shriek and fell on the ground and fainted. The sight had been so pathetic that I could not bear it for any length of time and so had given way in the shock and trauma.

After sometime, I do not know when but, when I came to senses I was told that my grandfather was now much better and that I would soon see him at home. Hearing this I felt much better but, at the same time I prayed to God never to send anyone to a hospital, and never give any one so much pain as I had witnessed in the hospital.

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