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Introduction of TOPIC

            Brief one line answers are sufficient.

            All questions must be answered and submitted on a separate answer sheet.

  1. What signs must be prominently displayed in staff toilets?


  1. Why should restaurant staff wear low heeled comfortable shoes?

            For ease during movement and for safety purposes.

  1. Why should restaurant staff wash their hands after eating?

            To avoid contamination which could occur to other foods cooked or uncooked.

  1. Ideally, how should broken glass be disposed of ?

            It should not be placed in trash but in a sturdy labeled cardboard box for pickup by        Custodians.

  1. A particular wine bar is preferred by customers because they are always made to feel welcome. What most influences these customers?

            The Service.  Especially the selling wine-by-the-glass program.

  1. Why should a service plate be used when clearing side plates?

            To put the left over food.

  1. Describe, briefly, the silver service of food ?

            The service is at the table and its performed using service forks and spoons from the       customers left.  Meals are served from platters and the guest to the host’s right is served   first and the service continues clockwise.  Plates are cleared from the right.

  1. Describe, briefly, what family service is in a restaurant environment ?

            Where food is served with diners seated at a communal table, there is no menu to choose           from and food is brought out in courses usually with communal serving dishes.

  1. What is the traditional name used to describe a restaurant head waiter ?

            maitre d’table.

  1. What would be the correct cutlery to lay on the table for the following function menu?

Fan of Melon, Mushroom Risotto, Beef Wellington, Summer Pudding.

            Spork, spife and the knork.

  1. During silver service, where on the plate should the meat or fish be placed?

In the middle with the carving knife and gravy spoon at the right and the carving fork at the left of the plate.

12        Which beverage must be freely available in establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold?


  1. According to current licensing law a licensee has the right to refuse service to ?

            Underage drinkers.

  1. List the notices that must be displayed when alcoholic beverages are sold ?

Drink Responsibly, do not drink and drive and alcohol should not be sold to persons under the age of eighteen.

  1. What are the legal base measures in which spirits should be served within the UK?

          Spirits should not be served to underage drinkers.

16      What are the legal base measures for serving wine by the glass within  the UK?

            Wine by the glass should only be served to frequent customers.

17       What specific alcoholic beverages would be most likely to decant?


18       What is the correct temperature to serve red wine?

            For most white wines the correct temperatures are 450 -500 F (70 -10C).

            For red wines the temperature is 600 F (15C ).

19       Why must the cork of a bottle of sparkling wine always be held by the waiter during the opening process?

            To prevent it from exploding open with a gush of champagne.

20        What is the optimum temperature at which coffee should be served?

            At 1800–1900 F (820-880 C).

21        At a function for 48 customers, 2 glasses of wine are to be served per person in the 125ml banqueting wine glasses. How many bottles of wine should be made ready for the function?

 12 bottles of wine.

22        If a customer with restricted sight comes into a restaurant with no braille menus, what    action              should the food service staff take?

            The food service staff should help the customer read the menu or they should read it for            him.

23        The Prime Minister is attending a function at a city center hotel. What will be a particular           requirement for this customer?

            VIP treatment.

24        Describe the correct procedure when handling a customer complaint in your        establishment ?

            In case of dissatisfaction with the food, remove the food from the table and apologize, offer to replace.

25        A guest complains to you, the waiter, that their table for five people is too small and in a poor location. Describe what action you would take?

            Look for a bigger unoccupied table in a better location and relocate them.

26        What is the traditional name used to describe a wine waiter?

            Wine Sommelier.

27        A guest complains that their grilled steak is cold.  What is the first  course of action you            would take?

            Apologize and remove the cold grilled steak from the table and bring them the hot one.

28        When serving wine to a table who is the last to be served?

            The person serving the wine.  Women and older guests are served first then the men.

29        How can the service of rounded items be made easier when using service cutlery?

use of a pairing knife.

30        When using salvers to clear, why should they be covered with a  cloth?

            They should be covered with a cloth so that they may  remain clean and presentable.

31        Describe what a traditional continental breakfast consists of.

            It consists of a mix of pastrys (Danish, Muffins, croissants, Cinnimon buns), juices,        preserves and jam, coffee/tea and sometimes with toast or baked items.

32        In a fine dining restaurant what etiquette should be observed when clearing away empty plates?

            The plates should be well arranged one on top of other but again they should not over pile because they may slide, fall and brake.

 33       Describe what “Gueridon” style food service is?

            This is a service style whereby food is cooked, finished and presented in a trolley in front          of the guest.

34        List acceptable methods of non-cash payments?

Credit cards, Cheques.

35        What does the letter ‘V’ usually denote on a menu?


36        What is the accompaniment for goujons of sole?

            Traditional accompaniment is tartar sauce.

37        List 4 dishes that are suitable for vegetarians? ( 2 starters, 2 mains )

            Starters: Hummus, Soup.     Main: Shepherd pie.

38        In a silver service restaurant describe how bottled accompaniments should be served.

            The bottled accompaniments should be served chilled/warm depending on the guest’s     request and each guest should have his/her       glass in which the accompaniment will be    served in.

39        What method of food production would BEST suit an à la carte restaurant?

            It should be based on customer orders.

40        What type of food and beverage establishments would most likely operate a traditional partie system ?

            Large hotels.

41        How should formal information about accidents occurring in the kitchen be recorded ?

            In a report.

42        If a catering manager is persistently short- staffed in the food preparation area and meals           are being served at incorrect temperatures.  What could be an immediate consequence of    this?

            Loss of customers.

43        What temperature would be acceptable as a holding temperature for roast pork?

            600 C.

44        What is the main hygiene reason to ban  Smoking in the food preparation areas?

            To prevent contamination of food and for the good health of the people preparing food.

45        What immediate action should be taken if an electrical appliance catches fire?

            Turn off the switch at the main fuse box.

46        What color are CO2 fire extinguishers and what are they used to extinguish ?

            They are black in color and are intended for liquids such as grease, oil, paint, petrol and electrical fires.

47        What ingredient cannot be used to thicken gravy for a customer on a gluten free diet?

            Cereals that contain gluten for example wheat and barley.

 48       List what Roast lamb is usually accompanied by.

            Mint sauce, redcurrant jelly, cranberry sauce.

49        List what should be prepared as accompaniments to roast leg of pork?

            If served hot, the accompaniments are roast gravy, small apples, puree of spinach and roast potatoes.  If cold, the dish is coated with brown aspic jelly and decorated with  colored butter.

50        Explain why is it important to control portion sizes when serving a buffet or carvery?

            This enables the chefs to estimate the cost of the dish and to accurately control the flow of  a particular dish in a serving.

51        What is the maximum time hot food is allowed to be displayed on a hot buffet according to food safety legislation?

            No longer than two hours.

  52      What is the maximum time cold food can be displayed on a cold buffet, according to food safety legislation? Four hours.

59        Describe what vegetables cut in julienne style are.

            Vegetables cut in long or short thin strips.

60        Frying an egg is an example of cooking on heat by which  method ?


61        List 4 root vegetables?

            Carrots, Turnips, Parsnip, Beetroot.

62        What is the most appropriate piece of equipment to cook 50 portions of lamb stew?


63        Kosher food is food prepared conforming to which dietary law

            Jewish dietary laws.

64        Assuming costing of fresh tomato

soup is 8p per 150g (6 oz) portion, and a tin of convenience soup giving 196 x 150g  (6oz) portions

cost £5.88.  What is the portion food    cost difference?

            £ 1.36

65        Explain the term ‘pane’?

            It is means bread, for example ‘pane di patate alle Erbe  which is potato bread with herbs.

66        On mechanical mixing machines the hook attachment is used for making what ?

            The dough.

67        From which cut of beef are cuts best used for grilling obtained?

            The cuts from the loin and the rib.

 68       List the traditional ingredients used for filling Quiche Lorraine?

            Chopped meat, vegetables or cheese.

69        Name the setting agent used in a fruit mousse.


70        What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?

            Choux pastry.

71        The best quality couverture chocolate contains what specific ingredient?

            Luscious cocoa butter.

72        Describe what will happen to an over-cooked Sauce Anglaise?

            It will have egg lumps.

73        Describe what a coulis is.

            It is a thin puree of vegetable or fruit usually served as a sauce surrounding a dish.

74        A bacon roll from Andy’s café consists of a bread roll and two slices of bacon. What  is the standard material cost of a bacon roll if a packet of bacon costs £15.00 for 100 slices         and bread rolls cost £2.50 for 50?

            Two bacon slices = 1.50 * 3 = 3.00 pounds.  A bread roll = 0.05 pounds.  A bacon roll =            3.05 p.

75        A cheeseburger costs 30p to produce and a gross profit of 80% is required.  What is  the            selling price? (80% * 30 = 24),  ( 24 + 30 = 54),   Selling Price = 54p

 Front Office      

Different guests have different requirements and needs when staying in a hospitality outlet. Discuss the specific requirements of 4 contrasting guest types staying in a quality city-center hotel.

                        A hospitality outlet hosts different types of guests and looking at it from the point of view of residence, they can either be Resident Guests and Non-resident guests.  Resident guests hire rooms at the hotel to stay for a certain period of time.  The resident guests are divided into two;  The guests who are provided with lodging only and the guests who are provided with both board and lodging.  The guests who are provided with lodging only hire rooms at the hotel for their stay but do not take their meals from the hotel.  They are required to pay only the room rent for their period of stay.  There are those guests who are provided with board and lodging and apart from hiring rooms for their stay also take their meals from the hotel.  They are required to pay room rent for their stay plus the price of meals and beverages they consume during their period of stay.

                        The non-resident guests are those who are provided with boarding only and hence they have to pay only the price of the eatables and beverages that they consume. From the two categories that is, the resident and non-resident guests, other types of guests can be drawn and this include; Business people, Tourists or vacationers, Elderly guests and Guests with Kids.

                The Business people are normally guests who are on business related trips.  They might or might not be familiar with the surrounding environment and it may thus be necessary for them to be given directions, they are normally not on a budget and they can be provided with high priced items or services.  The locations of the rooms allocated to them should provide a conducive environment for them to be able to carry out their work and all what they need should be easily available.  The business people’s room service should not interfere with their working environment.

                Tourists or vacationers on the other hand, require rooms with a good view of the surrounding tourist attraction sites, they need to be given guidance on different issues especially if they are not domestic tourists.  Some vacationers will need translation services and guidance as far as the meals are concerned.

                Elderly guests should be accorded special care.  Their income may or may not be limited but they should be guided towards value-oriented foods.  Their foods should be light, soft and non-spicy. They should be accommodated in rooms which they can easily access through elevators or with minimum walking involved and inside the rooms everything should be easily accessible by strategic placement of all that they require.  Room service should be more frequent.

                The last group of guests are those guests with children.  The guests require rooms which are spacious enough for the whole family complete with favorable places for children to play and toys depending on the age of the children.  The services provided including their meals and duration between meals should cater for both the needs of the adults and children

“The front office communicates both internally and externally to progress the work of a hospitality outlet”. Discuss the relevance of this quotation using examples of internal and external communications that are part of the front office daily routine.

            Communication is the passing of information from one person to another through writing, speech or signs such that both parties are in tandem.  Communication can either be external or internal depending on the context of situation.  In organizations, internal communication occurs between colleagues and can be through memos, telephone calls, e-mails, face to face conversations etc. External communication occurs between the organization and its customers, other organizations and its publics.  The front office, in a hospitality outlet serves many purposes including customer registration, giving out of brochures and answering questions related to the organization to interested people etc.

            The front office internal communication may involve the writing of memos to inform the people within the hospitality outlet of anything that needs to be communicated, it may also be in the form of e-mails to the targeted people with whom the front office needs to exchange information with or if it is a matter requiring face to face contact the front office manager can call for a meeting.  The type of method used for communication depends on the content of the message, the available material, the cost involved, the effectiveness of the method and the target audience – where if its a large number of people then instead of sending the e-mails and waiting to hear their different views on the matter, a meeting would be appropriate as everyone can discuss the matter at hand and a conclusion arrived at.

             Another consideration is the urgency of the message.  If it is an urgent matter, then a telephone call is appropriate as it is fast as far as the reception of feedback is concerned.  Internal communication, has advantages which include that it is cheap since those targeted are at a close range if the outlet’s activities take place in the one building.  It is also of benefit due to the speed of getting to the target audience and it gives both  the sender and receiver of the information a chance to clarify issues which might not have been conveyed clearly.

            External communication must consider  the target audience, the content of the material – if it is confidential, the speed of the method, the urgency of the message, the cost to be incurred, the type of message and the possibility of quick feedback.  It is mostly through telephone calls, mail, brochure and e-mails. Other methods include, advertisements in newspapers, magazines, the Internet etc.  The hospitality outlet has to be sure to use the right methods to the right people by considering; the age, gender, lifestyle of the target audience as that will determine how they will interpret the message or if they will be in a position to receive it and give their feedback in good time.

            External and internal communication in the front office plays a major role of linking different people with the hospitality outlet.  It thus gives the outlet the benefits of enhanced communication within the organization, satisfied customers, which results in repeat business, increased sales and an edge over its competitors while improving the outlets image.

Cleaning Technology Element

            Discuss  how effective cleaning programs benefit a hospitality business, its customers and its cleaning employees.

                         Effective cleaning programs are those that are able to achieve what they are intended to  while at the same time ensuring that no extra cost has been incurred.  In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is an important factor as it can either build or destroy the business’s image thus affecting its performance.  The business should aim at implementing and maintaining a cleaning program that caters for the needs of the the business itself, the customers and the employees who do the actual cleaning.

                        To the business a cleaning program builds or sustains its customer’s loyalty, increases the chances of the customers coming back for more or other services, increases the general output of employees since people are more comfortable working under hygienic conditions, and avoids wastage of resources under unhygienic conditions, the business also is able to avoid employee turnover.   Effective cleaning programs are able to reduce the risk of accidents likely to happen around the work place.  The work output is improved around the hospitality outlet as the other employees are not inconvenienced by hygiene related factors.  The cleaning program should cover all the areas of the hospitality outlet and should be maintained with equal measure in all departments.  If the front office and lobby is clean, all the other places should be equally clean.  Effective cleaning programs give the business an edge over its competitors as far as the customer’s trust is concerned.  The cleaning programs increase the production rate of the business while ensuring savings are made in the cleaning supply budget by use of effective cleaning products which maintain the welfare of the business premise.

                        Cleaning programs enable customers to be comfortable getting services from the business, they also enable customers to completely trust the services offered.  The customer’s budget on extra medical cost is reduced.  They also are able to cater for the different needs of the customers, for example, some guests are travelers who are likely to sleep during the day, the cleaning programs ensure that the guest rooms and corridors are cleaned with the minimum of disturbances.

                        The cleaning employees benefit from the cleaning program in that their working conditions are greatly improved if not made easier.  The work environment becomes more safer in that they do not have to worry about getting contaminations from their work.  The cleaning programs ensure that there is no risks of accidents occurring within the course of carrying out their duties. The workload is greatly lessened since if the cleaning program is able to maintain the hygiene conditions of the outlet then it means that they can concentrate on other matters since cleaning takes only a short time.  Effective cleaning programs are a motivation to the cleaning employees due to the favorable working conditions they create.  The cleaning programs are able to offer less toxic and non hazardous cleaning products in place of dangerous material which is capable of compromising the cleaning employees health.

                        A good cleaning program is one that reduces the reactions to various allergic triggers in the environment for the wellbeing of the business, its customers and the cleaning employees.

Discuss the responsibilities for safety of employers and employees with regard to cleaning activities in hospitality premises.

            In the hospitality premises, the cleaning activities range from dusting and vacuuming to cleaning windows, floors etc.  The most common types of accidents witnessed during cleaning activities include slips and trips with injury to the back and upper limbs being the main health risks.

            The employers in the hospitality premises have the responsibility of managing the cleaning activities so as to ensure that accidents are reduced.  The employers have a duty of planning to ensure that the correct cleaning regime is used for the type of floor taking into account how the floor is used, by whom, when it is used and the contaminants present.

            The employers should organize the work to be done and consult with the staff to make sure that nothing is compromised.  They can control the whole process to ensure that the working practices and the processes involved are being carried out properly for example preventing access to wet, smooth floors.  The employer also has the responsibility of ensuring that effective communication is maintained with the purchasing department to ensure that there is equipment and materials, flooring suppliers who should give information on their floor and how to effectively clean it, the cleaning contractor to ensure the appropriate and trained cleaners are hired with the contract being reviewed only if the work environment changes.  The cleaners should also be consulted on their duties and why the cleaning needs to be undertaken in a particular way or at a particular time.  The employer should inform the cleaners about any changes made.

Effective training is essential for a good standard of cleaning to be maintained, the training should match the individual, the environment and the equipment used, change in those factors should automatically lead to the reviewing of the training.  It is the employer’s duty to encourage the cleaners to report any difficulties en counted when carrying out their work.

            The employees have the responsibility of using the right  equipment for the right job, for example, since wet floors are the cause of slips the employees must be sure to use the right equipment that will leave the floor dry.  The employees should also consider changing the cleaning techniques previously applied and seen not to work.  The cleaners should carry out their duties when there is not much activity and in cases where it can not be avoided, physically exclude people from wet cleaning areas by electing barriers or locking off the area while the floor is wet and in that effect provide alternative routes to be used during the cleaning process.  They are responsible for ensuring the safety of others during cleaning.  They can do this by cleaning in sections so that there are dry paths in between the area being cleaned, use of warning signs which provide information on alternative routes to be used.  Since the employees are also at risk, they should ensure that they are appropriately dressed during cleaning with the right footwear to avoid slipping or other accidents and that the cleaning equipment is in good order and that maintenance is carried out when necessary.


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