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How a Person Can Identify Those Skills Which Need To Be Developed Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Identifying weaknesses is important because complacency is a person’s biggest enemy. If someone has false satisfaction in themselves then they would fail in the long run because they aren’t improving themselves. Whilst others do, they could be left behind.

There are several ways in which people can identify weaknesses. One of the easiest methods of doing this so, is to get another person’s opinion of you. Through feedback, one can get honest answers about what their weaknesses are. The best people to start with are your parents as they have known you the longest. They would also be more likely to be honest with you. Friends could help identify bad traits of a character because a person is more likely to be their true self in front of their friends. Other people of a higher authority could also be of valuable help. Teachers who experience you first hand in a learning environment could see some or many weaknesses. For example, a lack of concentration could lead to disturbances in the classroom.

At work, your boss can see you in a work environment and he would want you to be at your best because he’d want efficiency in his company to generate higher profits. His honesty could show your weaknesses at work and improving it can help you get far in your work place. You may also have bad traits that are contributing negatively to your health. A doctor will give you blunt advice because he would want you to be in the best health you can be. Other people who could help identify weaknesses are life coaches and therapists. Of course, these are

more expensive than asking the people stated above. However, they can provide far more insight into

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life than other people because they are specifically trained to do this.

Personality or aptitude tests could provide a rough outline of what you are lacking presently. Many of these tests are online but the important thing is to answer the question as honestly as one could. If you don’t do this, then the result would obviously be flawed.

Your successes and achievements are a good way of finding out your weaknesses. They can show you areas where you are lacking. For example, a low grade for maths shows that you have a weakness in numeracy.

Ultimately, your personal opinion can provide you with answers nobody could. There are things you do that other people would not know about and essentially, you are in the best position to judge yourself. Without honesty and openness however, a personal opinion would mean very little. To truly identify a weakness in one’s self, a person should be wholeheartedly honest.

Once you’ve identified a few weaknesses to concentrate on its important you improve or develop them.

Perhaps one of your weaknesses has a specific course to follow. For example, one of your weaknesses could be your ability to lead. There is range of courses on leadership in colleges around the country. A course could have some sort of training to help iron out a weakness as well.

Another way to develop your weakness is to practice more and more in a bid to avoid making the same mistakes. If you keep doing mathematical sums, your grades can only improve.

Of course, it’s important to work harder at your weaknesses as well. There’s no point in paying more attention to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. By working even harder at your weaknesses, you give yourself the best possible chance of improving them.

A mentor is an excellent way of improving a weakness. A mentor can guide you and tell you what ways and methods can help you turn your weakness to your strength. Essentially, a mentor can be anyone you want it to be; it could be someone you know and trust or a professional such as a psychiatrist or therapist.

Many books have been written on an enormous range of subjects from work ethic to punctuality to body language. Getting to understand your weakness better by simply reading about it is a good idea.

One final way of improving your weakness is to identify a role model- a person you want to be more like. By being more like your role model you may find yourself with fewer weaknesses to contend with.

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