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How Advertising Seeks to Influence us and How it Makes an Important Contribution to Society Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The definition of media is:

The various means of mass communication thought of as a whole, including television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, together with the people involved in their production.

When you think of media you automatically think of adverts and as they are a big part of media that is some peoples only thought of it. Yet media is wide and varied from newspapers and magazines to T.V. and mobile phones, in fact anything that allows a lot of people to get the same information will be classed as media.

Colour, jingles and slogans

In media they use colours for association. For example when you think of walkers crisps say cheese and onion you think blue or if it’s salt and vinegar you think green. Another good example would be ITV you would automatically think blue and yellow, colour association is a very good way of making people remember or think more of the item which possess that colour.

Two other good association techniques are jingles and slogans for example when you think of a product you will probably get ether the jingle or slogan stuck in your head. Jingles will get stuck in your head because they have catchy tunes and annoying lyrics. The slogans will get stuck in your head because the advertising companies will use the same slogan for a long period of time and it will be on all their adverts such as McDonalds with “were loving it”.

Famous ads the best and worst

The adverts you remember the most are the best ads because that is there objective to make you remember it, it doesn’t matter if it is the best or worst advert you have ever seen just as long as you remember it. For example an advert I always remember is the diet coke advert with the male window cl

eaner and all them women getting 11o’clock appointments so they could see him. I remember this

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advert as a good one yet I also always remember the advert for impulse body spray wear all the men leave the town and have been following the sent of the ladies body spray and I thought it was a very shoddy advert yet I still remember it because I think it was one of the worst adverts I’ve seen.

Eating disorders

The media is also a bad influence on people, especially teenagers, where it is doing big companies justice it is also increasing eating disorders by promoting the ideal body image of being a size 8 or less with large breasts and blond hair. Obviously not every one can be a brilliant blonde and so on, yet it still leaves a lot of people having low self esteem and some times getting depressed. It is also making a lot of young people feel inadequate with their bodies leading them to do stupid things, like making themselves sick after they eat, to make every one think they are beautiful.


The media also sets the scene for what is fashionable and what is not according to what group you belong to. For example when you see your Idol on T.V. wearing a certain type of clothing many people will automatically change there look so as to be classed very fashionable. This is why companies such as Nike, Reebok and Addidas all sponsor football teams and various T.V. programs.

Pester power

Pester power is another bad thing in the media because all every parent in the world gets every time the adverts are on or as they are walking round the shops is “I want I want I want” and for some parents who cant afford a lot it is a very hurtful sound and even more for the child when they are told they cant have it. Some people even believe that advertising should be banned in England as it is in a few other countries in the world.


You can always tell when Christmas is coming because the media go wild for it. The number of toy adverts increase, the toys’r’us advert is shown more regularly and a lot more special offers come out not to mention the numerous new shows and singles released so as to become Christmas number one.


In conclusion the media is simply trying to control what we think about everything. We even get told how to eat and live by the media. There are constantly books, T.V. shows, newspaper articles and from some companies E-mails and text messages telling us how to keep fit and healthy, which contradicts the media by saying you should be out getting some exercise while the other side of it is saying no stay here and boost my ratings and make me a lot more money, because at the end of the day that is all the media is about making more money.

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