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I remember an essay I have written in the beginning of my student life. The title was ‘Aim of my life’ and I have written about being an aeroplane pilot when I grow up. But, later I was fascinated by the circuit designs and was determined to study Electrical Engineering since I was in high school. I have cherished a dream to pursue my career as an electrical engineer and I was enrolled in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology in the year 2007. Only the top 150-200 applicants from thousands are only offered a place in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department which is considered to be the most wanted department in the university for students to get admitted in. I used to have personal interest in various engineering softwares such as Matlab, Pspice and Microwind in the earlier period of my undergraduate course.

It was in my third year of course , I have discovered my liking for VLSI devices, starting with microprocessors. I was inclined towards VLSI, Fiber optics and Processing and Fabrication Technology later in my course. I am planning to complete my graduate studies and aim to quench my thirst for VLSI designing knowledge. I would like to choose VLSI design as my thesis subject for graduate course and if possible I would try to get some specialized training in the future. I believe that being devoted to becoming expert in a certain field will serve for improvement of skills on the specific field and will help me in my professional career.

If I am to name another academic interest of mine, I would like to mention telecommunication and related studies. Multiplexing methods and fiber optic communication system was a interesting area of study in my undergraduate course. Computer Networking has lately attracted me as well. I have completed the CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals course from American International University Bangladesh in 2010.

I have worked with Mr. Jamal Uddin Ahmed, An Expert Faculty Member in my University on my thesis. The topic was ‘Optoelectronics : Key to next generation electronics’ . Being the group leader of the team, I have worked on several topics of the project as well as organizing the whole thesis work. The thesis included research work on present optical fiber devices as well future designs and research on the improvement of efficiency of such device in the future. While researching about the efficiency of photo diodes, I came to know the limitations for improving efficiency, my research work included elaborate discussion about the drawbacks in manufacturing process and some possible promising ways to overcome these issues. I have worked with a company named E&A Costruction in Bangladesh. I was an Assistant Engineer and part of my job responsibility was to research about various high tech electrical measurement equipments. I came to realize that a master’s degree will expand my range of knowledge and will help me to become cogent with this highly competetive world because some of the latest technological achievements indeed requires a thorough study to understand them properly.

When I look at future, I always picture myself as an apt professional with adequate academic knowledge. By getting a graduate degree will help me to learn more about the topics I used to like in my undergraduate degree. I believe that I will get to learn a lot from the faculty members and can be benefitted by getting in touch with the renown faculty members and learning the ongoing research works in the university.

I have chosen Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science after considering various aspects and facilities of what a graduate school can provide for a demanding student. I have been through the Graduate Research Opportunity section of the school website and found a few interesting research fields. To name some I would like to mention about Fiber and Integrated Optics, VLSI Design and Test, High-speed system-on-a-chip Design and Test, Optical Transmission Systems and some other topics. I believe that studying in this school will help me to get prepared in my area of interest which will tend to increase my efficiency in professional career or to further continue my study by getting a doctoral degree in VLSI designs. Currently, I am applying for Masters degree and if it possible I would apply for Ph.D after getting my graduate degree.

To be an Electrical Engineer was my dream since I was a kid. As I was going through undergraduate course and a period of time when I used to work in a company, I have realised the necessity of higher education and the importance of getting skilled in the area of interest in order to have the self motivation to enrich myself. With the ample facilities and wide range of educational interests, I believe that studying in University of Texas at Dallas will help me to prepare myself for the professional career. Hereby, I appeal to the admission committee to consider me as an applicant for the MS degree in Electrical Engineering for the Spring 2013 semester and grant me the opportunity to get admitted in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science after the evaluation process.

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