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I have learned about internal barriers and external barriers, and more importantly, how to recognize them. Looking back over many years of my life, now that I’ve learned so much about critical thinking and what it involves, I can see just how much I used to let external and internal barriers have impacted and influenced my critical thinking, and the way I solve problems and issues. Family, mostly my parents; and some friends, along with the way that I was raised, and what we believed, very much impacted the way I used to think and decisions I would make. However, along with my external barriers, there were also internal barriers. The biggest internal Issues have been emotional and life’s personal experiences. Situations where emotions were weighed too heavily and life’s experiences, some personal, some observational, have turned out negatively. For example, my landlord and living situation; my landlord and are going to court. How Critical

Thinking can be used in Everyday Life Now, in the past, I have gone to court with one of my other landlord’s, and this time I’m handling the situation differently, because of the techniques and critical thinking skills that I’ve learned in Hum/115. My husband and I have been renting our home for two years now, and in a very short time, we thought we were “friends” with our landlord. We live next door to each other, our children go to the same school, we go to the water parks together, barbeque together, have campfires and sleepovers, and to top it all off, our landlord showed up saved me and my husband’s wedding, and married the two of us. Now with all of that in mind, she, (our landlord) hasn’t fixed or maintained anything in the home, so now my husband and I are going to court with her. In the past, my emotions, and family and the way I was raised would cloud my Judgement.

Now I have the skills to come to a better solution to the problem. By How Critical Thinking can be used in Everyday Life Recognizing the problem, my husband and I got an attorney to help us make a compromise or other suggestions to come to a resolution to the problem. Analyzing all the facts, and brainstorming different possible outcomes that will benefit everybody. So either way, my family will have to move, but going through the steps to take to come to different possible outcomes, is giving my family more time, which is what we need. Had my external and internal barriers been involved, my family, of five children and my husband would homeless.

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