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How Demonstrative Communication Involves Listening and Responding Essay Sample

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How Demonstrative Communication Involves Listening and Responding Essay Sample

Communication is one of the most important aspects in life. Communication can be described as different things for different people. For some it means understand a task and get the job done for other it is the key of their relationship. According to, Critical Thinking 9 editions; “Communication is sometimes defined as the process of sending and receiving messages.” There are two main types of communication, verbal and nonverbal. In this paper we will discuss and describe demonstrative communication, which is considered to be part of nonverbal or unwritten communication process.

Demonstrative communication is the process of sending messages through gesture such as eye contact, body language, voice tone, facial expression and many more. It could have a positive or a negative aspect for the receiver or the sender. Body language can be very efficient. It is use in personal conversation and in business environment. For example a lot of company use they front secretary to spy on candidate that come to job interviewers by watching they body language. A strong handshake can determine someone’s abilities and how confident they are about themselves. Throughout an interview the interviewer will be watching for eye contact because the candidate body language will portray his level of confidence.

By just watching someone interacts with others one can come up with the conclusion if that person is friendly or not. How people present themselves is very important because, like they say action speak louder than word. Positive body language can make a big difference on the way other view someone. While listen to a speech body language make a person seen interesting or not paying attentions. Sometime demonstrative communication can be taken the wrong way, by both the sender and the receiver. Body language has different meaning depend on the culture. In some culture avoid eye contact is a sign of respect when for other culture it mean not telling the true or don’t have enough confident. Body language can also be negative. For instant the person is doing other things like picking they nail cracking they knuckles or checking they watch during conversation is very rude.

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