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Describe the developments and shifts in thought in Europe between 1450 and 1750. Use the following cultural movements to discuss the causes of the changes as well as the reasons for the continuities.

-Scientific Revolution

There were many significant changes during the reformation, renaissance, enlightenment, and the scientific revolution. The development of the Protestant and Catholic reformation was duo to the corruption of Church leaders and some clergy. This happened because the Catholics refused to help the poor while living luxurious lives, and abusing their power. Besides this, Germanic rulers were also part of the reason why the Protestant and Catholic reformation was developed. They were greedy and wanted to claim the Catholic property as their own. Wars were started as a result. These religious wars brought out a new concept, religious tolerance. Education and the study of the Bible was encouraged by the Protestants. At this point, Catholicism was still being practiced. This was because Jesuits rose and brought Catholicism to Asia and the Americas.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that made everyone question things. Art and literature were many things that people embraced during this time. The Black Death was a major contributor starting the Renaissance. Many great inventions like the printing press was invented by the serfs in 1450. Literature was being produced faster along with the spread of knowledge. Facts people accepted were also changed. For example, people now believed that the earth was round and the sun was the center of the universe an not vise versa. Women and their social status was improved by the Renaissance. Now everyone could afford to receive and education.

A period of time call the Enlightenment was also during the years 1450 to 1750. This was more of a intellectual period. It was mainly for the improvement of society and education. The philosophy Deism attracted many people. It was mainly believed that a god created earth. Schools had also been built and taught politics. The belief that everyone was good, was very common.

The discovery of the New World mainly caused the scientific revolution. The idea of astronomy interested many people, practically sailors who wanted to learn about the stars and navigating. Healers or doctors at the time really relied on science for methods of curing illness. During this time, people questioned their religion and God. This also happened during the Black Plague. They thought why would god do this to them, so they turned to science.

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