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The United States has a very good government system. But how did they archive this goal without tyranny? The United States constitution, that’s how. Besides giving the people an abundance of rights and freedoms, it protected the people from another tyranny. They got these writes stated in the constitution which included the idea of federalism, separation of powers and a system of checks and balances.

Federalism makes sure no one group of people has all the power. In Document A it says since there are two governments “ double security arises to the rights of the people.” Federalism was a good idea for government because it gave the people a sense of security from the government. The government will make sure all is divided and will control each other, but still be a separate government. “ The different governments will each control each other at the same time will be controlled by itself.” Another thing the constitution did to guard against tyranny was separate the powers. The idea that power needed a limit came from the Magna Carta 1215/ if all the power was in the hands of one person or group there would be tyranny.

“Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct.” Document B. Tranny of big states was also protected. Article 1, Section 2, House of Representatives Clause 3 says that representatives will be assigned with proportional representation. The Upper house or Senate will have two senators per state. This was a good compromise because it gave small states a say in the decisions. If the Upper house and Lower house were both proportional representation then the smaller states would not get a voice and the big states would rule.

The powers were separated but how did they make sure the branches functioned properly. Checks and Balances was the way to make the separation of power work. Each branch would check the others to make sure they were following the rules. Document C explains how the branches check and balance each other. The executive branch nominates judges for the Supreme Court; which tell the president if he is being unconstitutional. The legislative branch can remove the president and judges from power. Both branches can tell congress that it is being unconstitutional or veto its laws.

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