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How Discrimination Used to be in the Year of 1957 Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


In this piece of coursework we look at the a topic called discrimination, from this we had to make a tableaux and still images how discrimination used to be in the year of 1957.

We had to listen to a song by prince and had to take bits and parts of it to make still images that tell a lot.

The first stimulus

Planet earth song

At first we sat down and we had to listen to some lyrics from a song called “planet earth” by prince. We were also given some lyrics to the song and we listened to the song again but this time we were the lyrics to understand what the song is all about.

The whole group had to do a still image about discrimination on a stage and when we did it if my drama teacher told me to do a monologue I would have said:

Why why why did this have to happen to us what

Have we ever done anything to them to deserve this, why

Do they have to kill us just because our skin colours are different.

Just because of this I have lost my parents and everyone that I have ever cared for in my life. I rather die than be in this cruel world full of hurt.

After this we had to split up in to four small groups and we had to do different tableaux to some of the lyrics of the song planet earth.

This is the part of the song that our group did for the tableau:

“Imagine you could rid the earth of any one you choose which one would you need the most and which ones would you lose”

We had an idea of a mother who’s son is being taken away form her and he is being taken to fight in the war but he doesn’t want to go and they force him to go to war. He’s mother does everything that she can do to stop them from taking him away from her. To make it have contrast we did the tableau in different kinds of level to really show what is happening in our piece of tableau.

This is the way we were set in levels:

The second stimulus

Photographs (little rock high school- 1957 in America)

We sat down to look at some pictures that showed discrimination, this pictures where took in little rock high school. The pictures showed a black girl called Elizabeth who was sitting in a place that she was not meant to be sitting, the next picture showed Elizabeth being harassed by a bunch of white s

tudents from little rock and all the other pictures showed the fight that happened between the white

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students and the black students who were helping the Elizabeth.

What we did was to think of an idea to re-enact what happened in the pictures we where given, so we had an idea that black people can go to one side of the stage and white people can go to the other and we chose one of our classes mates to sit in the middle of both groups to act as if she was Elizabeth. Towela acted as Elizabeth and she had to say a couple of words to start of the scene, then two white students go in and see her and they call their head master and he says something and then the black group of people come and they all start fighting the white people, so that they could have the same rights as them.

While of this is happening we will be cross cutting to two news reporters one black and one white, they would be saying what is happening but in their own point of views but one would be saying what is happening properly but the other one would be saying bad things about the black students like they don’t belong here at all what are they doing this is not allowed they are breaking the law.

These are the pictures of what happened in little rock high school:

Here you see Elizabeth being shouted at by a group of white students.

Elizabeth being told off by the guards.

A student in little rock school kicks a man in head.


As part of my course we were asked to listen to a song called planet by prince. We were asked to produce a tableau based on the song “planet earth” as one of the people who prince was talking about in the song. We also had to do this because the song was also about discrimination against people with different races, colour, religion and others.

This is the part that we did a short tableau on:

“Imagine you could rid the earth of any one you choose which one would you need the most and which ones would you lose”

This part has of the song has a lot of meanings to it like the last two lines in this say “which ones would you need the most and which ones would you lose”, its like in the olden days when white people were chose all the time over black people and how the white people were treated better than black people.

The song has a lot of climax in it because on time the song will be talking about discrimination but suddenly there is peaceful music that everything is going to be ok in the end and everyone will unite and be in peace with each other.

Ideas for my stage setting:

Basing on my stage set on our tableaux piece we did, I thought I would use marking the moment because it really shows the important parts in our short tableaux and we could also use cross cutting to do all our short tableaux we as a whole group have done.

I think if I put in a production and our tableaux would be introduction to our main show about discrimination and the other things that we were doing like the gangster scene, Margaret Thatcher, Rosa parks and more.

I could use different coloured lighting like red meaning blood (death) and green for peace.

This is a diagram of how it would from the start to the end:


End of the show

Evaluation (towela)

I think that towela did a good job in her role as Elizabeth but she could have improved it by showing more anger and aggression in her character. She could have tried to elevate her voice so that it can be heard but she did a job in the short little time she was given to do it.

Evaluation (Bruce)

Bruce did he part really good he even tried to do the martin Luther king voice for him to be intact with his character and improved it a little more by really elevating his voice to the audience.

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