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How do Christianity’s core ethical teachings impact on Christian life? Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Christianity is a religion based on ethical teachings. The Christian Ethical Teachings are based on the belief that the adherent is an image of god with intellect, free will and power of self determination. The extent to which the ethical teaching impacts on a persons life is obviously dependent on how devoted to Christianity the adherents are The main ethical teachings which I will focus on are. The 10 commandments the New Testament ethics, that is: – the beatitudes – Jesus commandment of love. The 10 commandments are a part of the whole body of laws given to the Israelites after they had escaped from slavery in Egypt and were setting out for the Promised Land. At Mount Sinai, god promised to take the people as gods own, protecting and caring for the them. In exchange the Israelites had to keep the law, the many rules given by god to help the people survive as a community and live in right relationship with each other and their god.

Today Christians understand the 10 commandments to be ethical concepts. Many adherents live by the 10 commandments, for example by attending church on Sunday for the worship of god. It says in the 10 commandments thou shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy, this ethical teaching in Christianity has impacted on Christian life, in that Christians follow the teaching and do indeed remember and keep the Sabbath day holy by attending church. As I mentioned before it is totally dependant on how dedicated the adherent is, to the core ethical teaching and how much it impacts on their Christian life.

As one of the 10 commandments, I thought it was the most appropriate as it is probably the most common commandment adhered to, though commandments like you shall not kill adhered to as is evident with only 7% of all people in the world who have been pr

osecuted for killing another person are Christians, this is a very small percentage and personally I

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think that this piece of evidence helps to show how the ethical teachings have impacted on Christian life, by choosing not to kill on the basis of gods commandment though I am not denying that some Christians do kill. Though in history when science wasnt readily available people relied on Christianitys core ethical teachings as they believed that if they followed them, no wrong would be done to them.

The Beatitudes are guidelines which Jesus gave to his disciples of how to live the law of love. As I previously mentioned the extent to which the certain ethical teaching impacts on an adherents Christian life is dependant on their devotion to the church. Therefore some may take the Beatitudes quite seriously and try to fit them into every action which they make and others may not care much for them at all, but the impact which the Beatitudes should have on Christian life, may be as an example one of the beatitudes is blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy I dont know about other people but I can definitely relate this to Christian life at Monte, we are always told to be merciful this is especially evident in being compassionate towards others, like in project compassion efforts, it could also be hospitality an example of this could be how Monte is planning on hosting school groups from NZ when world youth day celebrations are happening or it could be other small day to day things like celebrating our traditions- appreciating and nurturing the heritage we have received.

The last ethical teaching which I will discuss is Jesus commandment of love. The commandment means that the Christians express their longing for god and constantly seeks the good of their neighbour. The main gist of this is treat others as you wish to be treated with love; this commandment of love has an impact on Christian life and also on life in general. This commandment of love guides your behaviour and it makes you think about what you say and do on other people. The impact is that it seems to guide Christians actions. This commandment is intertwined with many mercy values as well, as it really pushes Christians awareness of how they live life, whether it be mercifully, justly or compassionately.

In conclusion the core ethical teachings in Christianity, can really impact Christian life, the level devotion of the adherent has towards the church, means that the impact of the ethical teachings can be different, but generally the ethical teachings make Christians more aware of their actions, so that they can act in a more Christian way this is represented throughout society in many things but the main one which in particular, us Monte students can relate to are the mercy values which have been derived from the core ethical teachings. The teachings can inspire Christians to strive to be better people through service, mercy, compassion, honesty, love and many more.

Bibliography-The Good news bibleChristianity and Christian life

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