How Do You Stop Social Media Procrastination? Essay Sample

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Are you someone who would open up facebook and skype on your laptop once you get home? Since most of us people are exposed to the internet, social media procrastination has increasingly affected us. Some say its controllable, but most people say it isn’t. The average person spends up to 24 hours or more a week online. Students like me tend to spend that time online while we should be concentrating on work. Students that procrastinate like me end up sleeping very late or even end up not completing them at all. If there is a problem, there is always a solution; and thats exactly what I will tell you.

Many people including businessmen and students like me work while having their social medias running. Always taking a minute or two several times checking their facebook or skype. This is the most common process of online procrastination, dealing with this kind of procrastination is not an easy thing to do. In fact its really hard to close facebook or skype once you have them on. Therefore the easiest yet hardest solution for this matter would be to never turn them on before doing your work. If you thi

nk it is unnecessary for you to not have them on, think about what you really do in facebook, skype,

or twitter. The only thing you probably will be doing when you have facebook and twitter on is checking new updates, commenting on other peoples posts or chatting online. If you procrastinate like this, what you’re really doing is wasting time doing barely nothing, but staring at the screen waiting for something new to pop up. This would be acceptable if you at least relieve stress while doing this, but does it really relieve any stress? Think about it.

As a student studying at a school with unlimited wifi anywhere you go, I find it difficult not to procrastinate. Having done this at a daily basis, I cannot stop myself from going online and sometimes I go online even without me realizing it. I have tried many things from disabling social medias at home and even turning off my wifi by 12 midnight, but it has never helped me much. If all else fails when it comes to stopping yourself from procrastinating, take a break from your computer. Close your laptops or leave your computer for a while, just go outside your house or apartment and take a walk. You may think this would be a waste of time, but it really isn’t. Taking a fifteen minute break from your computer screen, taking a walk completely clears your mind. It’s never a waste of time, never think that way. In fact, try it yourself it really helps you focus more on your work, automatically keeping you away from online procrastination.

When procrastination hits you hard with social media, think again about how much its worth spending your time on. It may bring you joy for that instant, but also think about its impacts on your work and life. It may be impossible to get off a ship once your in the middle of the sea, but its always always possible to click quit on your facebook and skype.never hesitate to quit your social media when you have to.

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