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When we were younger some of us say we were going to be doctors, lawyers, or police officers. Remember in elementary school in 5th grade, teachers set up an election. Students ran for president, vice president, and secretary. When it came to winning all you needed was a lot of candy and you had all the votes. But it is not that simple when it comes to being president of the United States. If someone wants to run for the presidency they have to get a head start, and when I say “head start” I mean four years ahead of the next elections. It takes strategic organizing to have a successful campaign. Also it is not a one man job they need over one hundred people to make up your staff, because they need staff for all fifty states. To add to your staff you need a great deal of volunteer throughout the nation to travel from state to state and some volunteers that are unpaid. Running in the campaign requires the person to campaign for television exposure, voter support, but most importantly money. The media plays an important role in the campaign because the media announces where the candidates are going to be, the media talks about candidate’s history.

The media can make or break them because the media will dig up any little flaw in their past before running in the election; candidates are stepping on eggshells during the campaign because the media will expose them in a positive but even more in a negative way. But all in all they need the media for national exposure. Voter support is important also even though the popular vote does not count the more voters support that support a candidate the better. Having voters on their side will encourage others to support the candidate and register to vote. Money is gas to the car in the election because every state a candidate goes to they are asking for donations for the campaign. Candidates set up websites that allow people to donate directly to the campaign.

This year’s candidates spent 15 million on their campaign. So for someone that wants to run better start saving, or hit the lottery. Potential candidates must remember there are other candidates running for the presidential campaign. They must have a debate with other candidates and convince their party that they are the right person to represent the party. If they are successful in doing so, then they will win the party’s nomination. A candidate needs a “right hand man,” which means they must pick a running mate. But this decision is not made with hands over the candidate’s eyes. Running mates have to be able to be the backbone of candidate in every situation. They m

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