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It is important to find out someone’s history when preparing their care plan as it affects them. For instance, a person may have been abused and may need extra support to allow them cope. Or they may have been around at a time that may have changed their views and how they see things or people. e.g. a ww2 veteran may see everyone from orient as Japanese, when, they may not be Japanese at all .

Another reason to find out someone’s history can concern the area of trips and fall. If the persons history shows they suffer from it then the right equipment and help can be put into place to ensure they are helped as best as possible to live in their own home.


Its important to find out peoples preferences as the individual is, an individual. Their choices and taste will vary from another individual and may not like what someone else likes. For instance client a likes horse radish sandwiches, while client b don’t like, or may be allergic to it. By sitting down and speaking with an individual about their preferences.

Wishes and needs:

it is very important to know peoples wishes and needs. Knowing what they want can be of benefit and helps with end of life planning. For instance, if its a female client, she may express her wish to have a female care as she would feel more comfortable and able to freely get on with a morning and evening routine than having a male carer.

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