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How I Can Help My Parents? Essay Sample

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How I Can Help My Parents? Essay Sample

These are the suggestions of how to help your loving parents that Allah has given you. First of all you should have respect for your parents. Listen to their commands like if they tell you to clean up your room, wash the dishes, help them clean the car, sweep the floor, clean the table, vacuum the floor. Do their chores like help them throw the garbage out. Obey them. Be obedient and helpful with all their problems they have. Give them medicine when they are sick. Give them your love. Do well in studies to make your parents proud of you. You should try to pay back what your parents do for you. Like when they cook for you, wash your clothes, buy new clothes for you, work for you, help you in education and they give you their love. We are very lucky because some childrens don’t have caring parents like our parents. To disobey one’s parents, to ignore their feelings, or to disregard their comfort and happiness in any other way has been characterized by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) a grievous sin. Don’t upset them by watching too much television, steal and not get involved in fights when they told you not to. When you do a chore for them be happy to do it, not sad.

Never disobey them by things that you were asked not to do. Sometimes you are tired and sleepy so you disturb your parents by annoying them, making trouble when they are doing something important like when they are writing a resume for work. But they don’t have the respect they need to have. If you ever have something like that try to avoid it. This by the way happens to lots of people all around the world. Most of them are bad so don’t do that. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said that if you do good deeds with your parents it is worth Salah, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj, Umra and Jihad. We shall obey our parents with a good behavior like show respect when your parents are talking. It is our duty to look after their needs and comfort them with your respect. We should talk to them with a low voice as respect. When they are old we shall take care of them so that they will never feel neglected. We should ask forgiveness to our parents when we commit a mistake knowingly or annoyingly. Never argue with your parents or else Allah will be very angry and upset at you.

Whenever you do something do not let your parents feel upset and angry by our behavior towards them. You could help your parents by so many ways. But the one that gives you the most sawabs, impresses Allah and the best one is to be obedient and have respect for them. That’s why I talked about those two the most. I’m not saying other stuff is bad and only do those stuff. What I am saying is that other ones are good but those two are the best ones. Make dua for them in your prayers so you thank Allah for your parents. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said that whoever pleases their parents pleases Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and whoever angers their parents angers Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala. So be good to your parents. One-day three people were stuck in a cave with a big stone in the way to get out. They said let’s make dua and tell the best thing we did in our dua then Allah will get us out of the cave. Two people said their best deed they had done and nothing happened. So the third person said the best deed he had done.

He said that the best thing I did was when I used to bring milk for my parents and children everyday. But one day he brought only some milk. So he gave the milk to his parents and not to his children. He then massaged his parents feet and took care of them. Then he made dua. Allah (s.w.t) heard that deed and moved the big rock out of the way and the three people went out of the cave. So if you help your parents like how this man did you could get out of big troubles like this one and other big ones. If you read all day salah, Qur’an or anything and if somebody takes care of their parents the one who is taking care of their parents is getting more sawab. You can never be an Imam or Shaykh if you were bad to your parents that’s haram in Islam. Our deeds shall be the pleasure of our parents and of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. If you were good to your parents and when you grow up your kids will be good to you. If you were bad to your parents and when you grow up your kids will be bad to you. So if you were good to them it’s good for you too not only your parents.

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