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Matilde Loisel was a charming young woman who spent most of her day in her longing thoughts of being rich and desired. One day, her husband brought home an invitation to a ball. Matilde was embarrassed because she had no jewelry or fine clothes. Her husband agrees to give her money to go buy a dress, but that still was not good enough. She also had to borrow a beautiful necklace from her friend. She has the best night of her life at the ball. As she returns home, she notices she has lost the necklace. Little did she know, the next years of her life would be spent paying off the debt that she owes when she buys a new necklace to replace it. At the end, she sees her old friend who let her borrow the necklace and Matilde finds out that the necklace she had originally borrowed was a fake. She went through miserable times trying to pay back the debt. Her hard work and suffering was all for nothing.

Some people believe in fate, that everything happens for a reason. Every event has a purpose in life, resulting in the outcome. Others see life being more random or luck. Your actions will always have consequences, simple cause and effect. Small choices can save you or destroy you.

A musician grew up playing guitar with friends and family. He also joined band in high school to further his education in music theory. Dealing with life, his only way to cope was to write his problems out on paper. These scribbles later became the lyrics to the album he produced with his band. Every weekend the band would travel to Dallas, Texas and perform their music at clubs in Deep Ellum. After several months, it seemed like their hard work was in vein. Then one night, they received an email from a booking manager. He was at the last show, caught the T-shirt the lead singer threw into the crowd, and wanted them to be a part of his tour. It included five States and a recording deal if they sold 5000 CDs. His lifelong dream had come true. The band was overwhelmed.

That same musician had struggled with his family being life-long heroin addicts. His parents had many parties while he was growing up, and were the main suppliers to the local dealers. He had always managed to turn a blind-eye and resist the temptation to participate. Though it was tough to see them slowly dying, he loved them despite their addictions and promised himself to stay drug-free. After the tour and success of their newly recorded album, there was always an after party with lots of liquor, women, and drugs. He was used to the scene, and desensitized to being around harmful substances. He met a girl, who was unlike any other. She was beautiful, had an intelligent mind, and a love for music. Her voice made him feel at home. They became close friends, started writing music, and were always together almost every night after the shows. Too distracted by the love he had for her, he never noticed the track marks on her arms. She pulled out a syringe and a needle. Afraid of losing her affection, he asked to shoot up with her. Most people become addicted from the substance but he never seen the next day. He overdosed, and the life he dedicated to his career in the music industry was gone in a moment.

Life is more complex than doing good deeds breeds good results. Bad things happen to good people. Still, being in the right place at the right time has its benefits, and hard work to change the path of life is always a key factor.

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