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In this assignment I am going to assess different methods that can be used to promote and protect individuals within the public. I will also evaluate the effectiveness of methods that are used for promotion and help protect others from getting both MRSA and various types of cancer.

Within the methods I have mentioned about Cancer, I would suggest that individuals prioritise them. If they do this it will help protect them and maybe even save their life.

In my opinion I suggest that screenings should be provided with the most support and funding. I think this because a check-up could be the difference between an individual living a healthy life or a life full of hospitals and medication. An individual should put their health ensuring that they are safe from this disease. During a visit with the doctor if they are worried about their findings they are then able refer patients to the hospital for a screening. Screenings can help to find the disease in the proclaimed area as quickly as possible ensuring that treatment can be given as soon as possible. I think this method of diagnosis is very effective as the disease can then be found before it has chance to spread to other parts of the body. If the disease is found too late then it could spread to places where it cannot be treated or removed. Then they will have to be on medication for the rest of their lives ensuring that the pain does not become out of control.

I would then look into investing money into advertisements, making more individuals aware of the disease. If advertisements are created, more individuals may feel encouraged to examine their breasts for anything that they are worried about, including lumps. Making them seek professional help to then diagnose the problems they have found, they are not cancerous. However some adverts that use the topic of cancer are not very useful until a diagnosis has been given to them. Many shows shown in the day time promote the awareness of cancer by hiring trained doctors to speak about the symptoms of finding it early.

Finally I would donate more money to cancer charities. I think this is important because then the affected individuals will have the support they need to pull through. Charities are also situated to help the affected individual as well as their families.

In my opinion I suggest that medical staff should be focused on, ensuring that they all have the correct training as I think it is very important that they first of all know how to protect themselves. If they have a good knowledge of the disease they can also help prevent others such as visitors, from catching it too. I know that they can do this by keeping visitors off of the patient’s bed, or providing everyone on the ward with the correct equipment such as gloves and face masks.

I believe that if enough funding is put into all staff having the correct training and education, they will then be able to recognize the symptoms and know exactly what stages to follow. As a result of this they will be able to save more and more lives in a longer period of time. Because of the knowledge that they will have gained, when they have to put their training into practice they will be able to do effectively.

When they have enough understanding of the disease I would then provide funding towards hygiene equipment such as gloves and facemasks. I would do this because I know that it is spread by touch, therefore without the correct materials more and more individuals will be infected by this disease; this will help to stop infections being spread and ultimately get rid of MRSA within the setting. I believe that this will help some individuals overcome their recovery quicker as they are not at risk of developing MRSA from other individuals with the disease, which would just cause more problems.

After doing this I would look at the different ways in which I could ensure that equipment within the setting was sterilized correctly. As a health care setting, they could suggest many different ways in which they can ensure that all equipment is clean and sterile. By making sure that the tools are clean this prevents any contamination and further infection to other individuals. I would also provide the setting with funding in order to have personal hand sanitation as well as a public sanitation for access and exit on specific wards. This will put a stop to the spread of diseases both in the setting and outside within the environment.

Looking at the methods that help to prevent many cancers, I can see that there are many strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths are: screenings, charities and advertisements. However advertisements can also be a weakness, other weaknesses could be that individuals are simply just afraid of what they do not yet know.

Screenings – In my opinion I think screenings are a big strength in an individuals life, I say this because without them an individual may not find the cancerous tissue until it is far too late. A regular screening can find the cancer at its earliest stage and therefore doctors will then be able to begin treatment before it is able to spread. However a negative of this is that doctors can not force individuals to have a screening, so many individuals will leave it to the last minute; in this case some individuals may not be able to be fully cured of cancer, as a result they’ll need to be on a variety of medication for the rest of their life to keep the pain under control. I believe that for some individuals screenings are fit for purpose as they are able to access the facilities through the NHS and find out more about it through websites, leaflets, over the phone or in person.

Advertisements – Within this method of promotion there are both strengths and weaknesses. A strength of advertisements is that they shares lots of useful information which is advertised in many different ways and all around the world; however a weaknesses of advertisements are that not all individuals may understand what is being said as they may speak a different language. There are many different informative methods in which many individuals read/ listen to on a daily basis, including the radio, television, leaflets, posters, websites, over the phone or in person. In my opinion I think that many individuals that for example can speak English, they will gain more
knowledge about every advertisement, but for individuals that only speak a little English, they may struggle to understand the information that they are being given.

Charities – A campaign through a charity has many strengths and weaknesses. For example the race for life helps to raise money for cancer charities all around the world. With the money that they are funded the charity can then buy equipment that is needed for an individual to live their normal everyday life. Another strength is that many charities do not just support the individual they also help their family through this tough time too. A negative to charities is that some individuals may feel that they can not speak with them for example; an older person may feel like they are causing problems for them and as a result will not ask for help. I think that this is fit for purpose because with the funding they receive they are able to access further research and individual learning in order to help others.

Looking at the methods that help to prevent MRSA, I can see that there are many strengths and weaknesses.

Equipment – There are many strengths and weaknesses when MRSA is loose in a health care setting. In most cases gloves are safe and prevent the disease from spreading however they could also be a weakness towards MRSA, I think this because there is always a chance that they may rip. I feel as though gloves are fit for purpose most of the times; however they are not always effective. Gloves are available to all individuals as they come in various different sizes. This helps to promote diversity and allows care workers to wear the size they require. Sterilising all of the equipment that is used has many strengths and weaknesses. A weakness is that they may get mixed up with other equipment if they are not disposed of, or if they are used again MRSA could be spread. A strength for this however Is that if all equipment is sterilized properly MRSA has no chance of spreading further from it. Sterilized equipment is fit for purpose as they help to provide a healthier and more hygienic environment.

Hand Sanitation – There are many strengths of hand sanitation, although there are also some weaknesses. A strength is that by cleaning hands with an anti-bacterial gel it helps to kill a higher percentage of bacteria on the body compared to cleaning them with soap and water. This helps to prevent infections spreading onto other individuals both in and outside of a setting. Although this could also be a negative because not everyone will wash their hands after physical contact with an infected individual, as some people do not know that they could be spreading the disease. I believe that hand sanitizer is fit for purpose as it is available to all individuals on entering and leaving a setting.

Staff Training – There are many strengths and weaknesses of the training of health care staff. Staff members in a health care setting are more prone to catching the disease as they come in contact regularly, especially in a hospital. Staff training is a positive way to educate individuals that wish to work within a healthcare setting. A negative is that if a member of staff does not have the correct amount of training they may not pick up on the symptoms as quickly as fully trained members; meaning that MRSA has had time to spread. All staff members should be able to understand fully what is being asked of them and understand how to promote best practice. I feel as though staff training is fit for purpose as it delivers information of the situations individuals may come across when in practice.

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