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Today our community is composed of people of diverse backgrounds. Write an essay explaining how people of diverse backgrounds can get along better. Most of the countries in this world are composed of people from diverse backgrounds. As for our country, Malaysia is a multi racial country, besides, the country is diverse in different religions, language and cultures from different races in our amazing country. Due to the difference in views and state of mind towards religion, culture and also language barriers, Malaysia is facing difficulties in uniting the people and integrating the nation, as well as creating a country where the people are unified. In concerning with this particular matter, it is important for the people of diverse backgrounds to get along. This writing will be addressed on the ways on how to create unity among multi- racial people. First and foremost, one of the ways on how to get people from diverse backgrounds to get along is by fostering unity at early stage of children’s life. We always hear the proverb tells that ‘racial unity should begin at home’. Since parents are closest to their children, they should be at the forefront and sow the seeds of racial and religious tolerance among children.

Parents should encourage their children to mix freely with their peers that come from diverse backgrounds. This will allow children to understand the different traditions and cultures and be tolerant of those from other faiths and beliefs. In addition too, in schools, children should learn about the different festivals their friends celebrate, their rites and rituals and their places of worship. It is only when they understand how others live will they also know how to treat them with respect and understanding. For example, there are numerous activities in schools that provide opportunities for children to integrate such as sports and competitions. To be concluded the teachers and the parents should start to foster good values of unity among young children. Secondly, one of the strategies to get people from diverse backgrounds to get along is by celebrating our main celebration together. In general, through the practice of visiting made will strengthen the bonds of friendship between neighbors and friends of all races.

For example, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Christmas Day are major festivals that are celebrated by the whole community comprising various races. Through visiting other races’ celebration, people from diverse backgrounds can portray a sense of respect for the customs and beliefs of other communities. In addition, this kind of culture can strengthen unity when the least suspicion among ethnic groups in Malaysia. If this can be practiced among our people, Malaysians would be able to face whatever challenges that come from the outside or the international community. In a conclusion, there are many ways on how to get people from diverse backgrounds to get along. We can set up neighbourhoods in which people commit themselves to working to get along with other community that come from diverse backgrounds We can establish networks in which people are knowledgeable about each other’s struggles, and are willing to lend a hand. With all the strategies, we are actually fostering unity and togetherness among citizens.

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