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Chapter eight is a very interesting because Dickens moves the story on. Dickens introduces a new setting and also new Characters. He does various things to try and make the reader want to read on, he makes them think what will happen next? I am going to be looking at the plot, new setting, new Characters, Narrative method and also the themes.

Dickens moves the story on to a different setting and introduces new characters, by doing this Pip is being taken on a new adventure, from meeting a convict to meeting Miss Havisham another person he doesn’t know. Mr Pumblechuck who is a friend of Pip’s sister takes Pip to Miss Havisham house; he takes him there, because he is a friend off Miss Havisham and she has told him she wants a boy who her daughter can look after and play with. However Pip doesn’t want to go to the house and feels scared. When Pip and Miss Havisham first meet she says

“Are you sullen and obstinate”

after Miss Havisham says this Pips stops worrying for a while, because Pip feels safer around her. By introducing the new setting it draws the reader in because they want to know what will happen to Pip at her house.

In Chapter 8 there is a new development to the story at Miss Havisham’s house. However there are still lots of links back to the first 7 chapters. Pip is still being shoved around by adults, like he was with the convict, but now it is Miss Havisham and he is also still been told to do things he really doesn’t want to do. Dickens is building on what’s gone on before by still making Pip feel inferior. He does this in chapters 1-7 by making him feel unwanted he also does it again in Chapter 8 when Estella comments about his abilities;

“Estella denounced me for a stupid, clumsy

Labouring boy”

this makes Pip feel even more unwanted than he already does. By the end of the chapter the reader is wondering what will happen next? What has happened in the house? Why has Miss Havisham’s live stopped still?

The new setting that is introduced in chapter 8 is Miss Havisham’s house. It is called Satis house, which is Greek or Latin or Hebrew, or all three- or all one- for enough.

“Enough house! said I: `that’s a curious

name, Miss`”

Satis house is also described as a house that is very dull, dark, gloomy and old

“Dismal, and had a great many iron bars to

It. Some of the windows had been walled

Up, and a court yard in front of it”

This description that Dickens uses to describe the house makes it feel like a prison e.g. the courtyards and the iron bars remind me off a prison. The house and the brewery is presented as if everything as been stood still for years and nothing has been done to the house, no renovations nothing just everything had been left to go decrepit.

“Wooden gates of that lane stood open, and all the brewery beyond stood open and all was empty and disused”

Dickens uses many words to show the house has been decrepit; this has an impact on the book because it makes the reader think it could be a haunted house or something mysterious has happened years ago.

“I saw that her watch had stopped at twenty minutes to nine, and that a clock in the room had stopped at twenty minutes to nine”

This creates an atmosphere that everything has stood still for years, which gives the house an era atmosphere. This will make it interested for the reader because they will want to know what has happened in the house in the past.

The two familiar characters in the story are Joe Gargery and Pip and in chapter 8 two new characters are brought in Estella and Miss Havisham. Estella is portrayed as a very spoilt and outspoken young lady. On the other hand Miss Havisham is portrayed as a very sad old lady who just stops in her house 24/7. Dickens presents Miss Havisham as rich and beauty

” Rich materials- satins, and lace, and silks-

All of white”

He gives the materials a repetition of white. He also talks about her bright jewels, her chain and watch, which are all other things that are expensive. When Dickens describes her hair though it becomes a bit of a shock to the reader that it is white, because the reader would expect it to be dark or blonde and done up very smartly.

In Chapter 8 Dickens portrays Mr Pumblechook as a well-respected person to all local people. Dickens appears to want to help Pip to have more confidence in himself he therefore chooses Mr Pumblecook to be a mentor to Pip. By taken Pip to Miss Havisham’s house this gives Pip a lot more confidence within in himself and is character is developed to feel happier with older people. Another character that is brought into the story in chapter 8 is Estella who is Miss Havisham’s daughter. She is a very smart young girl who in some cases tries to act older than she is and make Pip feel very small.

” What do you play, boy? asked Estella of myself, with the greatest disdain”

Estella also tries to make Pip feel ashamed off himself even though she doesn’t have much of a life herself.

By telling the story through Pips eyes it makes the story more personnel, because the story is mainly focused on Pip we experience lots more things about him than we normally would. It draws the reader in because it tells the reader what Pip thought off his childhood and his family not what someone else thought about him

” I drew a child conclusion that my

Mother was freckled and sickly”

this is one part where Pip talks about his family and gains a picture of them. With the story being told through Pips eyes it makes the reader feel sorry for Pip because he has such a low opinion of himself and he thinks he is inferior to other people.

“I was at the time undersized, for my years and not strong”

When Pip is growing up he continues to feel inferior because of the way he is treated by his sister. She is always making him feel unwanted and pulling him down.

“If it weren’t for me you’d have been to the churchyard long ago, and stayed there. Who brought you up by hand”

By the end of chapter 7 Pip feels ashamed of his family and leaves the only home he has ever known, to go and live with Mr Pummblechook.

Chapter 8 is structured to look at a new beginning for pip. Pip is introduced to wealthier people rather than poorer people. This links to the first few chapters because it is still talking about Pips life and how it is moving on.

There are several themes that emerge in chapter 8 one is looking at the past of Miss Havisham and another theme is how people live different lifestyles, these are two new themes. The writing is about a boy who looks back on his childhood days and is now grown up and moving to a new future away from his usual live.

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