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The Holocaust was one of the most disturbing and petrifying eras of all time. The holocaust, one of the most famous genocides in the world, has showed the world what the evils of man can do to mankind. It was the genocide that killed approximately six million Jews and millions of others in a state-sponsored murder by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler. In a book review of “The Holocaust” by Gilbert Martin, Martin says that, “The Holocaust is the definitive account of what is the most horrifying crime ever committed against humanity”. This brutal torture affected many Jews living in Europe, physically and mentally.

During the Holocaust, the German Guards were vicious and ruthless; for they would make the Jews dig their own graves then execute them. Hitler placed the Jews in gas chambers which burnt them alive as well. Food was scarce and the labour was grave. Many Jews suffered from malnutrition and physical abuse from the Nazis. A survivor of the Holocaust, Gloria Lyon shared to students her numerous physical complications she went through. She suffered with chronic and sometimes debilitating pain for almost 7 decades, after struggling through malnutrition and hard labour at the age of 14. She also underwent multiple surgeries. According to Erin Allday Author of the article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Gloria Lyon mentioned in her speech that, “‘Most survivors had a certain amount of physical and mental trauma, and in the late years is when you really see the manifestations of beatings, deprivation, post-traumatic stress disorder…’”. This proves that survivors of the holocaust are indeed not only affected physically but mentally as well.

Numerous amounts of Jews are faced with psychological trauma from the horrid and torturous events of the Holocaust. Some still have nightmares about their detrimental experience at the concentration camp. According to the article from the American Journal of Psychotherapy, it is stated that Holocaust survivors “are often described as presenting high levels of emotional disorders, psychosocial symptoms, posttraumatic symptoms …” Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder is a psychological disorder which causes those to suffer from anxiety and other disorders from experiencing a traumatic event(s). Some also deal with disorders such as hoarding; because all of their belongings and valuables were taken away from them. In an Article, by Koehn and Donna, they quote Maya Lazarus who stated that, “’All of them are hoarding bread like crazy,’ Lazarus says. ‘Food is always an issue because they were once starving.’”

Since they were once, starved before, the idea of hoarding seemed to be a way of avoiding the traumatic experience. Countless numbers of Jews were tortured and killed during the war; however, many survived and still live to this day. They share their experiences and stories of their survival and what struggles they go through now; many of which struggle with PTSD and physical pain. This evidence shows that many of the Jews that lived in Europe were affected permanently from the Holocaust. Some are haunted by the nightmare, some have disorders and some a physically reminded every day. However, the Holocaust did not only affect the Jews but the world and its history.

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