How to Become a Successful Student Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Every success story in life there would always be things that push us through to reach our goals in life. Becoming successful in life shows that he is already contented of what he achieved, learned things that can already be used as a personal belief and achieved the best life can bring. Becoming a successful student, he needs to love his work, indulge creativity, fight for what is right and have the eagerness to succeed. In loving the work you chose, you must thought of it, choose were your good at and knowing your skills where you can greatly use them. As a student in college, he must chose the right track so that he would greatly love what he is doing, because if he don’t put his heart on his work, he won’t achieve much realizing that he chose the wrong track. Putting creativity in the process of

becoming successful, gives meaning and purpose that can push him even better because creativity will

brighten his path to the road of success. Letting creativity be part of the mindset of a student lets him think deeply and can show what emotions hidden inside of him making his life success in a more meaningful way. If a student fight for what is right or what he believes in, he will have the eagerness of pushing through good moral belief in becoming a successful student.

In pushing through, he must think of different ideas he will bring in his journey in fighting for what is right to become successful putting knowledgeable thoughts that serves as his inspiration to become a model of good integrity. Every person must have the eagerness inside of him, so that his faith in succeeding will pursue with greater achievement and knowledgeable ideas. To have the eagerness inside, we should have a focused mind so that there will be no hindrances, next, loving what you’re doing so that your motivation will push through and succeed and lastly have the strongest faith so that God will give you the strength to push through and became a successful student. In achieving great things as a student, he must have affection for his work, creativity along the way, sticking to what he believes in and pushing through to succeed. As life can have many obstacles along the way, if you have these things along with, you will achieve greater not as a student but as a man who achieved his goals in life

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