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Nowadays phones that we have are not only used for calling and sending-receiving text messages. Features like camera, internet, games, spreadsheet, etc. can be found in a single bar of a phone. Its called smartphone. But the problem is how to choose the right smartphone for us because today, the phone selection is very much. Price, specification, ecosystem and drawbacks are the most essential aspect to be evaluated. The very first thing we need to consider is that we have to determine the price range. Before seeking the phone option, we must adjust our budget. Suppose you only have fund around two million, you should not consider buying samsung galaxy note. You should browse for phones that cost between two million – two and a half million. After you decide your budget, you also need to consider the ecosystem. Today, you can choose between apple, android and windowsphone 8. Different ecosystem provides you different experience. Example, apple will supply you with various applications in best quality;

In addition, apple has the most application among androdid and windowsphone. Nonetheless, android also have a lot of applications in its googleplay ;moreover, android is an open source so the growth of the applications will be very fast. The downside, android application’s quality is quite immature. Windowsphone is a new player. The number of application in its windows store is still very limited. But, windowsphone 8 provides the new synchronization system. It can synchronize all your phone, tablet and computer that using windows 8. All your work, files(Songs, pictures, data etc.), personalisation in one device will be the same when you open it in other devices. Next, you should consider about the specification. Camera quality, connection (3G, 4G LTE, etc.), availability of NFC, battery life, display resolution, memory capacity, RAM size, and processor speed are things you need to evaluate.

The last and most useful aspect to choose a smartphone is by listing all its drawbacks. This aspect will help you when you confuse choosing phones with similar price, specification and ecosystem. You can read the drawbacks from the “review” in the internet. Just list the drawbacks of every phone you most likely to buy. After that, you choose which phone with all its drawbacks will not make you refuse to buy it. In other words you can live with all the drawbacks. In conclusion, when you want to buy a smartphone you must consider your budget, choose the ecosystem you prefer, and evaluate the specifications. After you have done all of that and still have a few number of selections, search and take notes about all of its drawbacks.

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