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In most cases, to get a job means getting through an interview successfully. This is because employers still regard interviews as central to their recruitment process. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for an interview.

Ninety percent of interview success is in the preparation. If you are well prepared, you are less likely to be thrown off by difficult questions. The most important thing you must do before attending an interview is to anticipate the questions that are likely to be asked at the interview. In this way, you can prepare your answer carefully. Giving prepared answers put you in a better position of getting the job. Since you can never know exactly what they will ask, one of the best ways to prepare is to listen to success stories about specific workplace accomplishments. In addition, rehearse the answers because interviewers want to hear you communicate them concisely. And remember to keep your answers as short and clear as possible. It would be good to use specific examples or scenarios to demonstrate your experience, ability and knowledge. During an interview, your performance is important. When you first meet your interviewers, make sure you shake their hands firmly and maintain steady eye contact during your greeting.

This is to give an impression that you are confident, sincere and personable. Make sure that the interview is a dialogue. Your answer should remain open to further developments in the conversation. Displaying proper body language is needed. Sit slightly forward in your seat and engage your interviewer’s eyes. This gives the impression that you are interested in the job. If you look bored at an interview, very likely the interviewer will presume that you would be bored in the job too. So communicate interest and energy throughout the interview. Of course, you must dress formally and smartly. Personal grooming is part of your ‘dressing’ too. A good haircut or trim will impress. Display clean fingernails, a fresh-scrubbed look, pleasant breath and a white smile.

When you know your interview is coming to a close, convey strongly to your potential employer how much you want the job and how right you are for the position. Again, achieving a balance between confidence and graciousness is essential here. Last but not least, you must be on time for your interview. If you are not, you can be assured you do not get the job. Getting there early enables you to take a few deep breaths, organize your notes, refresh your memory on a few points and scan any company materials that may be available in the waiting room. It also allows you to answer the call of nature and make any last-minute appearance adjustments. By following these guidelines, your chances getting the job are better than not following them.

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