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1) Remove the bread from the packaging. The most common type of bread packaging is the kind that comes in loaves and is wrapped in plastic and is sealed with a bread clip. 2) Take off the bread clip that seals the plastic packaging. 3) Open the packaging.

4) The loaf of bread should be touchable and pre cut.
5) Take out two slices of bread and place them on a surface that you are going to assemble your sandwich. 6) Close the bread packaging and store remaining bread pieces somewhere you can store food safely. 7) Open the jars of peanut butter and jelly. To open, hold the jar firmly with your left hand and the cap with the other…unless you are a lefty. Turn the object you are carrying with your left hand clockwise and the object in your right hand counter- clockwise until it becomes loose enough to remove. Now remove the lid and place it on the table along with the jar near the pieces of bread…softly. Repeat this process with the other jar. 8) Apply spread to bread. A butter knife will be required for this step. If you don’t have one, take this time to take one out. 9) Grasp the handle of the butter knife with one hand and place the blade in either jar. 10) Scoop up some of the jar’s content with the knife. The blade should now be covered in the jar’s contents. If it is not covered in the jar’s contents, repeat this process until required result is achieved.

11) Now have the flat side of the blade that has the spread face parallel to either piece of the bread. If otherwise, use the other side of the blade as this side might have the jar’s content. 12) Spread contents on the topside (the white side) of the bread. If you run out of contents, repeat the process of getting contents onto the knife and continue. When the topside (the white side) of the bread is covered in the jar’s contents, repeat the process but with the other content and the other slice of bread. Use a new knife if desired. 13) Place whatever you are holding on the table…softly. But do not place it on or under anything that is on the table. 14) Grab both piece of bread in your hands with the sides without peanut butter or jelly are on your palm. Now make the spreads collide, placing one slice of bread with the spread on it on the other piece of bread with the other spread side up on it. Therefore having the spreads touch each other, neatly, not making it into a ball or something messy. Just a simple neat sandwich. 15) Congratulations, you just made your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Enjoy!

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