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1. Introduction
A person who undergoes stress will feel a tendency to sweat, headache, feeling anger, sadness, food craving and alcohol abuse. In this text we shall learn about how to reduce stress which is deep breathing, positive imagery and laughter. 2. Body Paragraph 1

A) The simplest of all stress-reduction techniques is deep breathing. (i) Take a deep breathes from the pit of your stomach inhale through your nose. (a) When air is drawn into the nose, the air can smooth the blood flow to the brain and this will reduce the strain. (ii)Breathe out through your mouth by making a whooshing sound. (a) When you breathe through your mouth, it will make you feel relieved from stress. (iii)Continue deep breathing for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time once or twice a day. (a) The continuous steps repeated will stretch the brain and nerve this will indirectly reduce the pressure.

If you think that you are having stress, you are encourage follow the techniques of reducing stress which is take a deep breath.

3.Body Paragraph 2
B)Visualization is a technique of using positive mental imagination. (i)Lie down or sit comfortably and close your eyes.
(a) This step can relax the mind and can forget for a moment the problem. (ii)Now imagine it is a beautiful day and you are surrounded by a refreshing fragrance. (a) By imagining the following steps you can calm your mind and you will have the eager to continue back that day. iii)Now imagine that you are in green forest and relax your mind. (a)Your mind will be refreshed when you see the green plants plus you will feel comfortable. (iv)Now mentally count 1, 2, and 3, slowly open your eyes. (a)After your eyes opened, you will feel absolutely calm and completely relaxed

(v) Conclusion
The visualization techniques will directly help you to reduce
your stress and it will immediately resolve the stress.

4. Body Paragraph 3
C)Laughter can make us cheerful every day.
(i)Try to spend as much time as possible with cheerful people. (a) This will directly make you forget about the problems faced, and will cheer you when you are surrounded by friends who can cheer up. (ii)Try not to always take yourself too seriously.

(a) When we do not take serious about ourselves and the things around us will feel more relaxed in completing a task. (iii)Keep a collection of your favourite funny books and videocassettes. (a) These funny books and videocassettes will be able to calm the mind for a while (iv)Conclusion

Laughter is a good and simplest way to reduce stress.

4) Conclusion
There are 3 ways to reduce stress such as is deep breathing, positive imagery and laughter. For most effective ways to support the main idea is by doing a deep breathing can trigger of some serious types of illness, physical and mental. Physical state of body can create changes in mind to visualization. Laughter can eliminate or self-defeating thoughts and substitute them with positive thoughts about yourself.

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