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Friendship is a fundamental need in life; we make friends for a support, to generate happiness, to have a common interest and social life. However, a friend consists of value, and we as a friend, need to let them realize his or her value. Value is something that cannot be seen, touched, or heard, but only can be felt. In order to accomplish this, we must tell the truth, have trust in them, and sacrifice anything for them. In my opinion, being able to tell the truth with friends symbolize the chemistry you share with them because friends are there to help you solve problems. Bo Bennett, a graduate from Bryant University, once declaimed that, “for every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.” I support his position, even though sometimes reality is suppressed because you don’t want a friend to feel uneasy, but the truth will precisely define their value. A friend desires to provide assistance for you just as much as you provide for them. The more you suppress the truth, and the more pressure you conceal within your mind will produce friction between your friendships. For instance, if you are depressed due to a death of a family member, and lie to your friend that nothing is wrong, but your facial expression indicated a problem, then your friend will feel like they are useless to assist you.

I believe suppression of the truth is an obnoxious practice because it can sternly diminish a friend’s value and their importance. Trust, on the other hand, can be defined as an emotional as well as a logical act. Emotionally, it is where your weakness can be exposed to people, but believing that they won’t attack or take advantage of your tolerance. Logically, it is where you assess a chance of gain or loss depending how much you believe in that person due to your understanding of him or her. In addition, trusting a friend can help him realize his value because you are showing him that no matter what he had done, you will still show your forgiveness and acceptance. For example, your friend stole some money from a stranger in order to buy a gift for his mom for Mother’s Day, and he told you that it was because he didn’t have an efficient amount of money, then you forgive and believe him because he done it for a reasonable purpose, as a result, he will realize that he consists of value within you. Sometimes it is difficult to forgive a friend depending on how injurious his actions were, but you should if you consider them as a true friend.

Time is something that has limit in life; in general, people tend to use their time on something that’s important such as school or interesting such as sports. Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers of the Constitution, once said, “Lost time is never found again.” This is true, time can only be lost and can never be gained, and thus, it contains value just like friends. Spending your time with friends can help them realize their value because you are showing them that you are willing to sacrifice something that cannot be gained. For example, you have a job interview and at the same time your friend needs your help because he is stuck in the middle of the freeway. As a result, you cancelled the interview and came to assist your friend, by doing this, you shown your friend that they are more important.

By you sacrificing something that’s crucial in order to help a friend, puts him in a higher category of importance. Therefore, it’s the best way to define his importance and to help him realize his value. The world that we are living in contains different types of people. Some who value their friends and are willing to sacrifice and provide anything for them. Others desire to be independent and don’t need the essence of friendship. In my opinion, those who desire the absence of friendship doesn’t appreciate the significance of living a life full of amity and felicity. And those are the people who lack support and a social life, which to me is very depressing. I believe we should admire our friends and show them they contain value because the reason why humans exist is to provide assistance for one another.

Friends are a secondary family, they contain value. A family provides you with assistance when you enter the house. A friend assists you when you’re at somewhere besides home. Without friends and family, you won’t have an inspiring life, and without assistance, you won’t be able to regulate and solve problems. So you need to tell the truth, have trust, and sacrifice anything in order to let a friend realize his or her value.

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