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In this report,something about how to improve English ability will be analysed. During the last decade, I have been attending English course to the test and learning English continuously in China. In the following texts, firstly I will analyse my current level of English. Secondly I will describe what work I need to do to help my English studies. Next what work is the most effectiveness will be analysed.

According to the scores of Ielts, reading is my strength because of the highest score among reading, writing, listening and speaking. To some extent, I’m good at understanding information what the author gave. Meanwhile I have known the reading vocabulary more than that of speaking, writing and listening. And then ,compare with speaking,listening,writing is another strength. Therefore, there is few mistake of gramma in my academic writing and a good analysis for my writing. On the contrary, speaking is a big challenge to me. And I think the major reason why my speaking is not well is the wrong pronunciation . As a result of that, the low level speaking leads to low level listening. In other words, I did not do enough practice in the field of speaking and listening. As a whole, my current level of English is not well.

To how to improve my English, I need to do 3 significant steps. Initially, the more practice about listening and speaking is the most important thing to my English learning. So I must pay more attention to practice communication with people whose first language is English. Such as local people, teachers, and partners. Meanwhile I also need to do more listening practice, for example, BBC radio is a good way to improve the ability of listening. Next, patience is another quality I need to pay more time and energy. Because I think English learning is a process and it will take a lot of time to learn it. Last but not least, I need to make learning a habit. It means I should try my best to learn English everyday and make it be a part of live.

In my opinion, finding the method of English learning which is the most suitable can improve the ability of English at most. To me, firstly, I need to make a plan of English learning. And the key point is try to learn something everyday. Because it is much better to study 10 minutes each day than to study for 2 hours once a week. Secondly I need to Choose listening and reading materials that relate to what I am really interested in. Thirdly, I need to take full use of source around me. Such as source of tutor, source of library, source of Internet and so on.

To sum up, my current level of English is not very well, especially in terms of speaking and listening. So I need to put those points I have mentioned into action.

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