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Specific Purpose: To enlighten my audience on the advantages of contacts and how to insert contact lenses into their eyes. Central Purpose: How to insert their contact lenses into their eyes.

I. How many fingers am I holding up?
II. …Just like I suspected you need contacts!
III. Let’s fast forward this a little. You go to the store get your contacts and you get them home and you realize you don’t know how to put them on well I have you covered. IV. As a longstanding contact lens wearer, I will be telling you the advantages of wearing contacts as well as how to insert contact lenses into your eyes. (TR: Before I explain to you the process of placing the contacts into your eyes, let me explain to you the advantages of wearing contacts.) Body:

I. states (QUOTE) Contacts have many advantages. (END QUOTE) A. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines contact lenses saying (QUOTE) a thin lens designed to fit over the cornea and usually worn to correct defects in vision. (END QUOTE) B. Some of the most sought after advantages of many prospective and current contact users are the versatility that the contact lens give in reference to wardrobe. 1. First, according to, contacts make you look great! a. They create a non-barrier between you and the person you are trying to connect with. b. Also they create a sense of self-assurance.

2. Secondly, contacts match with everything.
a. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right shoes with your contacts because they go on invisible once inserted. b. They even coordinate well with your most colorful outfit. 3. Also you will now have available to you an array of affordable sunglasses. a. You remember that sales ad in Macy’s about 50% off designer sunglasses? b. Now is your chance to stock up on your favorite pairs of sunglasses. 4. Contacts make you look like you have a natural appearance, and they let people see your eyes. 5. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting scarring or darkened pigmentation on your nose where your glasses lay. C. Some of the most sought after advantages of many prospective and current contact users are the versatility that the contact lens give in reference to vision. 1. Your entire field of view is in focus.

a. There will be no more moving your lenses up and down on your face trying to correct the focal vision. b. Your vision will be entirely focused when you put on your contact lenses. 2. With contacts there aren’t any annoying obstructions or reflections in view. 3. There is no discomfort from heavy lens laying on your face. 4. You don’t have to worry about your contacts fogging up like your glasses would if you come from a hot environment into a cold environment very quickly.

5. Lastly, contact lens won’t collect smudges and blur your vision. a. Most of us know how babies and little children can be with their sticky fingers. b. A great advantage of avoiding smudges on your glasses from children and their sticky little friends is to get contact lenses. (TR: Now that I have explained to you the advantages of wearing contacts, let me explain how to place the contact lenses into your eyes.) III. There are many ways people can apply their contact lenses, but I am going to show you the way that I apply my contact lenses. A. First, you need to wash your hands with soap and water. B. Then you need to remove any eyewear or anything that will obstruct your view of the eye or eyes you want to apply the contact lens to. C. Take your contact lens case and remove either side of the lenses capsules you want to start with first. D. I am going to remove the right side of the capsule first since I am right handed. E. I unscrew the right capsule lid.

F. I lift my right index finger up.
G. I place my right index finger in the right capsule container. H. The contact lens should stick to your finger like a suction cup. I. Then you want to turn the lens around so the lens is facing downward and it looks like a bowl on your right index finger. J. You are now going to look up with your right eye.

K. Then you are going to slowly bring your index finger with the bowl shaped contact towards your right eye, and insert the contact. L. After you insert the contact lens you can gently close your eye and move your eyeball around to make sure your contact is in frontal position. M. You can now open your eye and view the world with freedom with your new found glory! Conclusion:

As I leave you today, I hope you have learned the advantages of contacts, and how to insert contact lenses into your eyes.


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