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Making a metal loft bed; a difficult task not for the faint of heart. A person owning or looking to purchase such a bed must heed the preceding instructions on just how to make a metal bed and what it will require of them. First a person fixing to make a metal loft bed will need either tough hands or an outstanding pain tolerance. While tucking in blankets and such the bed maker finds his or herself forced to face the teeth gritting pain of having ones hands crushed between mattress and metal frame.

A helmet; a good option if a person happens to have one in their house. Some of the required positions are complicated and put a humans skull at risk of bruises and possible loss of brain cells.. If the ceilings sits high enough that the bed maker can kneel comfortably, it creates no need for a helmet. If the ceilings come down low and the bed maker cannot kneel comfortably, the helmet comes highly recommended. Smooth paint can lessen the risk and allow a person to get away without a helmet, though that may not end well. If the ceiling’s painters used textured paint, then do not attempt this process without a helmet, at all costs!

Once the owner posses all the above traits he or she now needs to pile up the blankets, sheets, and pillows on top of the bed or ‘persuade’ a family member to hand the subjects of warmth to you from their position on the floor. The items now sit all in place, the bed ready to make. The first bedding item is the fitted sheet, this goes over the mattress like a jacket. In order to handle lifting the mattress and tucking the fitted sheet into place the first gravity defying move must come into play.

First the owner positions the feet carefully on the metal rails so that their straddling the bed and curl them like a birds to assure a good grip. Then they lean forward till they sit in a hunched position (if the ceiling is low then press you’re back against it to ensure maximum balance). The bed maker then lifts the Mattress and proceeds to seal one part of the fitted sheet over a corner of the mattress. The steps above get repeated for each of the four corners of the mattress.

Once that’s step complete, the bed maker goes on to the sheet. Place the sheet at the base of the pillow(s) and then once again the owner must do the perch-style stunt in order to tuck the sheet under the mattress. Once finished, they can take a sigh of relief because the hard part is over.

The rest comes down to a simple matter of tucking the blanket or blankets in the space between the metal bars and mattress before tucking them under, and ta-da! Finished! Now the bed maker can sit back and relax, their difficult task now at an end, and the metal loft bed nicely made up.

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