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How to Mend a Broken Heart Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It is generally believed that mending a broken heart is not an easy thing.Although the aching heart would be healed as the time goes away,it really makes you feel bad when you suffer from this terrible period.There are some effective methods can help you to recover from your pain.

First of all ,to find your own relaxation way.Everyone has its own way to deal with the pain .Somebody would take longer time to get over it and move on.Recognize your mental status and admit the fact is one of the important steps to cure the aching heart.Don’t hide away your true negative feelings.Having a good cry can totally express your emotion and relieve your pressure when you feel bad.

Secondly, having a rest is also a grea

t way to cure the broken heart.You can plan a vocation for traveling ,which can broaden your horizon

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and have a better realization about yourself .When you enjoy the fantastic scenery during the trip ,you are likely to forget your grief and find out what a wonderful world it is.Accordingly, it can distract your attention to the unpleasant things and open your mind.Also,hanging out with your friends is very useful way while you take a break.For example,you can go out for a movie ,go shopping and do some sports with your friend, because it could keep yourself away from being alone and help you to get rid of the awful thoughts as soon as possible.

Thirdly,learn from your own sad story and try to improve yourself. We should consider this as on opportunity of Self-Reflection and learning a life lesson.NOT only should we realize our mistakes and weakness but also correct them and do things better next time.It is suggested that you can focus more on your work and make more efforts to fulfill the career goals. As we know,improving yourself can give you the sense of achievement and build up confidence.Besides, change a new look then participate in more social activities that will make you feel good .

In conclusion, although mending the broken heart is very difficult and really takes time to recover, but we should try to think positively and have a brand-new start.

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