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Success in business is rarely down to technical skills or knowledge alone. Getting the most from your team is the sign of a good manager. The key to this is motivating people and giving them space to develop themselves to their full potential. And we must can controlling our team. If you can’t, you can’t lead the team and your will be not success. First how to motivate your team? I have some tips to motivate your team : 1. Start with yourself

To motivate others you have to be motivated yourself and should look for positives in all situations. As a role model, if you are energetic and inviting your team will have confidence in you and will follow willingly. 2. Public praise

We all like praise for a job well done and taking the time to give sincere and genuine thanks to a staff member in front of their peers will boost their self-esteem. 3. Clear goals and leadership

People need clear goals for the short and medium term at work. Do your best to provide those objectives and steer them towards meeting them. 4. Listen to your team members talk
Give them your ear from time to time and really listen. This should be a ritual every few days to get their perspectives. You can get new ideas and things they say can help you improve your policies and even benefit your business. 5. Let your team be creative

Your team’s productivity is likely to go up if you give them a day where they can try out their ideas, let them enjoy themselves. 6. Always appreciate your team members
Even the small tasks that result in the leader saying ‘thank you’ can make people strive harder for appreciation. 7. Bring A Team-Wide Gift
A gift for your team, can be a great way to reward people and to make them feel appreciated.

That’s how to motivate your team, now I will tell my tips to controlling our
team : 1. Communicate
If you have a good communicate with your team, you can easily control them. Bad communication can ruin the entire of team. 2. Don’t let Problems Grow
If members of your squad approach you about an issue they feel is important, be sure to address it immediately. And if you notice this happening you need to resolve the issues and make sure every member of your team is treated equally. 3. Keep Emotions Out of It

You are the leader so you have a obligation to make a decision and lead the team where will they go. So you must keep the emotions out of it and take action according to facts not personal belief or emotions.

That’s all my tips for motivating and controlling the team to reach a good goal. If you do all of my tips. I think you can manage your team well and you can reach your goal. Just try it or you can leave it.

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