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Grades falling, moneys are draining, hands shaking and social life getting boring. All of these are some of the consequences of playing DOTA. Most of the youths today or even the average normal human adult gamers would say that there’s no way that a certain DOTA player can stop playing it. They might refrain from playing it but they will still go back playing such badass game. But is it really true that there’s no cure to the addiction of DOTA? Would you let yourself be consumed by the darkness of such game?

DOTA is an online game but can also be played through Local Area Network or commonly known as LAN. The objective of the game is for each team to destroy the opponent’s ancient tower. The game has a very simple objective and also very easy to learn, that’s why even a ten years old human being knows how to play this game. Most of the people who play this game especially those who win their first game as a newbie get more addicted to game because some of them think they are already a pro. Most DOTA players said that there’s no cure to the addiction to DOTA. They said these majestic words because they are already addicted to the game and they also they think that playing DOTA hardcore would make them a famous DOTA player and become popular in the world. Some gamers become successful but not all because the success rate of this game is very low. Others had already given up hope that they believe that there’s no way that they can stop from playing this game.

But the good news has finally come from an unknown genius who just appeared out of nowhere. There’s still a way to stop playing DOTA like a pro. First DOTA players should think first about plans for their future. For those gamers who dream to become a famous DOTA player should just continue to follow their dreams because people like them are immune to this cure, a cure to stop playing DOTA. And for those gamers who dreamt a better future and not a famous gamer but still can’t refrain from playing DOTA must acquire a duct tape. After they finish studying their lessons or do the household chores or do something productive in a day should tie themselves up in their bed and get some sleep.

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