How We Can Learn from the Rosetta Stone’s Publicity Efforts Essay Sample

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The Rosetta Stone software is an acclaimed computer assisted language learning software that can be accessed online. It is noted for its efficacy through formulated teaching methods. Educational portals must be accessible and user friendly in order to draw users in. Furthermore, teachings have to be devised through consistent methodology in order to achieve the best results. The web portal should include fun and accessible ways of picking up the

up the CPR skill, as well as employing a consistent teaching method similar to the Rosetta Stone. Thus the game makes use of the Rosetta Stone’s model of an enjoyable learning journey. Rosetta Stone Inc. are renowned for their fun and quirky commercials that have seen their customer base grow tremendously. Amongst many other things, these ads serve to change the perception of picking up a new language. Nataly Kelly, an analyst, says that a lack of enthusiasm for learning languages comes from bad experiences in the past such as dull high school classes. The ads correct this mindset by showing the fun side of picking up a language. Advertisements are effective platforms to raise awareness.

Commercials must be straightforward in message and also appeal to the emotions of people. Furthermore, they should serve to change the perception of things as well as correcting any misconceptions.

The web portal should be advertised to raise publicity.

These advertisements must appeal to the positives of learning the CPR skill as well as show the advantages and possible misconceptions of picking up the skill. The Rosetta Stone software relies heaviy on the usage of graphics to link pictures and words together, a key factor in its success. In order to provide the most effective learning journey, images and graphics must be employed to give learners a strong foundation. This can be achieved by employing the usage of infographics of the CPR process on the web portals, giving learners a clearer idea of how to perform CPR.

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