How Will Digital 3D Printers Affect Education? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It was a rainy afternoon, and I just got back from school. I was really tired of attending 10 subjects and playing football after school, had a depressing thought that I have to attend school for another 4 more years till I can graduate and move on to university life. With this thought in mind I couldn’t help but close my eyes. Something felt wrong, but somehow I was back in school and just about to attend assembly, I couldn’t remember what or where I was before this, all i knew was that this doesn’t quite seem right, anyway thinking maybe that it could be me with the memory loss I continued to keep composure during assembly, and after having to hear my school principal going ramping on about the same topics year after year I managed to get to my first class which in fact was I.T (information technology).

At class the teacher addressed everyone to submit their final sequential layering process, at this point I was clueless because the last time I checked I could of guaranteed that we were learning definitions of computer parts, and so with such urgency and curiosity I put my hand up and I asked Ms Munasinghe ‘what is sequential layering process is?’, she smiled and explained to me that there is something called 3D digital printers which cannot create some items on demand like the “transformers” replicators of science fiction. However an increasing collection of 3D printing machines have by now begun to transfigure the industry of manufacturing into the real world. While she was saying all this information, I just couldn’t believe it, I felt confused. Having only five minutes more I decided to pack up and get to my next class which in fact was architecture.

After having to search for the classroom for roughly twenty minutes or so I managed to get to class, at this point I have mixed feelings, I have just found out that the school I have been attending for nine years has expanded within a day with more classrooms and more of these digital printers everywhere, I feel out of space cause everyone seems to be on these printers or either speaking about coding, which I can’t really gather my head around. The teacher addressed the Class saying that we are going to design our own unique two bedroom housing scheme on the computer and transfer our very own sequential pattern onto the digital printer. I felt so excited at this moment to think how far we have come in terms of technological improvement towards mankind. I asked the teacher if she could give me a few tips on how to operate CAD systems and she explained to me that ‘Its straight forward digital printers benefit the educational system.3D printing is capable of being performed within a standard classroom. 3D printers do not make much noise.

These printers are furthermore dirt-free, resilient and do not

need demanding safeguarding’’, and then she explained why digital printers are affective in the

fine arts stating that ‘’Students engaging in the fields of architecture, fine arts or biomedicine can profit from this amazing technological advancement, 3D printing uses Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for the purpose of scheming the items to printed. This ingenuous software is expansively relevant in these sectors such as architecture. With this equipment, pupils in these specific sectors can additionally extend their knowledge of objects and structures and create fully 3 dimensional versions of them’’, I was amazed by what she said and got on with the work. At the end of the class I managed to design an old Victorian style model which was generated in 3D in roughly fifteen minutes. It was just mind-blowing what I had just created, the experience of designing that gives you a whole different educational experience which only the digital printers are capable of doing.

The bell rang; I jumped out of my chair as soon as I heard that noise, the excitement of being first in the queue to obtain good food. I ran downstairs to only find out that there is no canteen, but only digital printers to use in order to obtain food. As I was seeing this, a boy jumped right in front of line and started designing a massive sandwich which only took about two minutes and by the next minute he was eating away, I was shell shocked from designing models in architecture to printing out physical food. As much as I find it very exciting that I can obtain food through a digital 3D printer, I also find it eco friendly, looking at it physically, the school is saving so much of costs and space, the advantages of this is endless.

After break I went to business studies, this by far is the best class of the whole day, my teacher is just amazing, and she prints out notes for the whole class and sometimes hands out sweets which I think is sweet of her. Anyway class began and the first thought that comes into my mind is ‘‘what surprises are next for me’’. Mrs Nazeem asked all the pupils to come up with a business venture if we all were given a million pounds sterling, therefore we were assigned to groups of two and somehow I ended up with this weird whiz kid called Shiham, who I don’t know that well. So we started brainstorming on good investments and after a few minutes of deciding we came up with an idea of a folding bicycle similar to a Brompton, however to get a better idea Shiham managed to get the correct coding and sketched out the design and printed in on a virtual format.

Teaching 3D printing in classrooms is an ideal manner of building potential entrepreneurs. By aggravating the imagination and inventive strength of mind in pupils, there will definitely be high projections that 3D printing will guide pupils such as me to produce significant and valuable goods to our social order. This will bring about more entrepreneurs, more job opportunities and better standards of living. After class, I ran out and the next minute itself I saw my friend creating a water balloon from a digital printer. I just had a feeling he’s going to throw it at me, I ducked quickly, and the next minute I noticed that I was on bed the whole time and that this was all a dream. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so real. I couldn’t stop thinking about digital printers and how amazing they were. I knew that this was an invention that would change lives; surprisingly this wonderful idea came from my imagination.


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